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Who will be the next Denver Broncos starting quarterback?

The odds appear to favor John Elway making some more moves before the 2016 regular season begins.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Currently, the Denver Broncos have Mark Sanchez as their heir apparent, but John Elway has stated repeatedly that trading for Sanchez was just the first of many steps. In short, the Broncos are not done adding quarterbacks to the roster.

Like most things in life, you can now bet on the issue. Bovada has broken down the odds for who will end up being the starting quarterback for the Broncos to start the 2016 regular season.

  • Mark Sanchez 5/2
  • Colin Kaepernick 7/2
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick 15/2
  • 2016 NFL Draft Pick 3/1
  • Someone Else 13/10

Get your calculators out, cause the odds are pretty tight. The only guy currently on the roster has the best odds of anyone with an actual name on this list, but I doubt many are taking that bet.

Personally, I'm still holding out for a Kaepernick trade over any of the other options. Pair that move with a high draft pick and Elway once again has a Plan A and a Plan B.