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Quarterback Dak Prescott will have a formal visit with the Broncos in early April

Could Prescott be the Broncos next starting quarterback?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

According to NFL Network's Path to the Draft, the Denver Broncos are among the teams showing interest in quarterback prospect Dak Prescott, and will have him in for a formal visit in early April.

Prescott is among the second tier quarterback prospects teams have been showing interest in. The Cowboys and Cardinals have had Prescott in recently for workouts/visits. Both teams are looking for a developmental quarterback to be the backup behind their veteran starters who are both injury prone.

Next week, Prescott will return to Orlando to train with his private quarterback Coach Tom Shaw before continuing his pre-draft visits. His next visit happens to be with the reigning Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos who so happen to be in the market for a quarterback.

Next week, Prescott will return to Orlando to continue training with his private quarterback coach, Tom Shaw. The following week, he'll travel to Denver for a formal visit with the Denver Broncos, who are among the teams expected to have a draft interest in a quarterback.

As we know, the Broncos lost quarterback Brock Osweiler to the Houston Texans during free agency and have been on the lookout for a starter since. They did trade for Mark Sanchez, but he is not the answer at starter and is only the "1st step of the process" according to General Manager John Elway.

This report helps back up a report from Charlie Campbell of He reported that the Broncos were "enamored" with Dak Prescott and that he is in play for the Broncos during the second day of the NFL Draft.

Even if Osweiler is re-signed, drafting a quarterback early in the 2016 NFL draft is definitely in play for Denver. The Broncos loved North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, but know that he won't be getting anywhere near Denver's pick. However, the team also is enamored with Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott. He is a good fit in Gary Kubiak's offense and sources say that Prescott is in play for the Broncos on the second-day of the draft.

With Osweiler now gone, it makes the chances of Prescott joining the Denver Broncos even more likely. With Paxton Lynch probably not making it to pick 31, I assumed that Prescott could be in play for the Broncos at 31. Teams reach for quarterbacks all the time, and if they thought Dak was their guy, why not make sure you get him.

However, Dak's stock may have fallen a bit since his DUI arrest in early March. Before this, I thought he could sneak into the first round, but now he might slip into the third round of the draft. The quarterback is more often than not the face of your franchise and you do not want a mug shot floating around out there. So this arrest probably made teams like the Broncos go back and make sure this will not happen again.

The Cowboys and Cardinals have asked Prescott about it and he says that he has taken full responsibility of his actions.

"I took full responsibility for it and I felt like both teams wanted to know that it's not who I am. I didn't try to lessen it by any means. I explained what happened," Prescott said. "The worst part on my end is done -- that was going through the arrest, getting blasted in the media. It was my fault and the damage is done. Right now it's about overcoming it, and not letting it affect me in a negative way. It was a learning situation for me, and I took something away from it. It's going to make me a better person from that point forward."

This is something that General Manager John Elway and Head Coach Gary Kubiak will likely ask Prescott about when he visits the team in early March.

The Broncos have shown in the past that they will look part a red flag like this and roll the dice on the prospect after doing their homework on a player. They did it with cornerback Bradley Roby and last year with linebacker Shane Ray. Both players have stayed out of trouble since joining the Broncos. I believe they will do the same with Prescott. This looks like a one-time offense, and he was known as a high character guy and leader at Mississippi State.

Prescott will also visit the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles and Cardinals next month in advance of the draft.

I will have a full scouting report on Mississippi State quarterback prospect Dak Prescott ready for you guys/gals on Saturday.