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Broncos will reportedly bring in Ole Miss defensive end Robert Nkemdiche in for a formal visit

The troubled but talented defensive end will visit the Broncos ahead of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

According to Walter Football's draft insider Tony Pauline, the Denver Broncos will bring in former Ole Miss defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche in for a formal visit ahead of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Ole Miss held their annual Pro Day today, and first round prospects tackle Laremy Tunsil, wide receiver Laquon Treadwell, and defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche all went through drills. Nkemdiche had a "special workout" according to onlookers but opted not to test in all the drills because of a slight hamstring issue.

There is a lot to like about Robert Nkemdiche, but he is full of red flags and is considered the biggest boom or bust prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft according to NFL Network's Bucky Brooks.

"Nkemdiche is the biggest boom-or-bust prospect in the draft. If you can figure out what he is and what motivates him, you could uncover a star. I liken him to Darnell Dockett. If he plays, he can be a guy who can be a perennial Pro Bowl player,"

He has a number of off the field issues surrounding him. He had a bizarre fall from a hotel window in December. He was hospitalized and charged with marijuana possession because of this. He was also photographed holding drug paraphernalia his sophomore year. Add all that with character issues and inconsistent motor and play on the field and you have a big boom or bust player in the making.

He has the size, speed, and athleticism to be a top 10 pick in the draft, but the red flags will probably drop him to the late first round.

This is why I think the Broncos are bringing him in for a visit prior to the NFL Draft. They want to meet the guy, get to know him, and interview him to see if he is worthy of the Broncos first round pick.

These interviews will be bigger than any of his on the field drills that he does prior to the NFL Draft. His first big test was the NFL Scouting Combine in February, and teams came away "unimpressed" with his interviews.

He blamed teammates for his off the field issues and admitted that he was lazy at times at Ole Miss.

Off the field, however, Nkemdiche didn't do himself any favors. Pushing blame for his drug arrest onto an unspecified group of "others" who were in his hotel room the night of his Atlanta fall is one thing (for all we know, that's the truth), but to name drop Laremy Tunsil in damn near the same breath isn't a good look, nor is his admission that he was "lazy" in finishing plays in college.

The Broncos have a big need a defensive end after Malik Jackson left in free agency and signed a big deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Nkemdiche could fit that role. He is athletic, big, strong, and athletic and could all the things Malik Jackson could, but the off the field stuff make him a risky pick.

This is a deep draft at the interior defensive line draft, so teams could decide to pass on Nkemdiche to select a safer prospect.

Now the Broncos have drafted players in the past who had minor red flags. Those players being linebacker Shane Ray and Cornerback Bradley Roby, but their off the field issues do not come close to comparing to Nkemdiche's.

I like that the Broncos are bringing in him for a look, but I do not see them risking a first round pick on a guy with a bunch of red flags. He reminds me a lot of Dallas Cowboy's second round pick Randy Gregory from last season.

What do you think Mile High Report?