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Does John Elway believe he can replace any player on the roster?

On Wednesday, The Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro discussed an interesting topic relating to John Elway and how he conducts his roster building.

It's painfully clear that there are not a whole lot of good options out there at quarterback in 2016, but Elway doesn't panic or hamper the Denver Broncos long term. He has a number in mind for Brock Osweiler and it appears that number wasn't high enough for Osweiler, which is why there are reports that he'll be hitting the free agent market.

Rather than overpay for a quarterback that may or may not be the future, Elway is willing to roll the dice for a season or two to find a better option. It's hard to argue with that logic.

The same line of thinking appears to have played out with Malik Jackson and Elway didn't even try to pretend to entertain a long term deal for Danny Trevathan.

Does that mean Elway believes he can replace any player on the roster?

Sort of, but not entirely. Elway recognizes supreme talent. He may have a number in mind for Von Miller, but he'll likely walk that number up some before July 15th to lock down Miller to a record-setting contract.

So though it appears Elway thinks most players can be replaced, there are exceptions to every rule. And the reigning Super Bowl MVP would be one of those exceptions.

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les talk to NFL agent Peter Schaffer regarding Brock Osweiler from an agent's perspective. The take was really insightful on how an agent's mentality can change from agent to agent.