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Report: Broncos have made a 'substantial offer' to quarterback Brock Osweiler

Are the Broncos closer to locking up Brock Osweiler?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

According to NFL Network's James Palmer, the Denver Broncos have made a "substantial offer" to quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Palmer doesn't give any details on this offer, but it appears that the Broncos are working on locking up their quarterback before the tampering window opens up next week.

After the deals the Washington Redskins and the Philidelphia Eagles gave to their quarterbacks, it appears that Osweiler is about to strike it rich here in the coming days.

Will the Broncos "substantial offer" be what Osweiler's people are looking for? That's the question that we do not have an answer to just yet.

The first thing the Broncos need to do before they can even consider signing Osweiler is figuring out what Peyton Manning is doing. The Broncos are currently over the salary cap limit, and Manning retiring would free up $19 million in cap space for the Broncos. That money would likely go to Brock Osweiler and linebacker Von Miller.

Right now, all signs point to the Broncos releasing Manning if he doesn't decide his future before the March 9th deadline. The fact that the Broncos are making "substantial offers" to Brock shows that they are ready to move on from Manning no matter what. Hopefully, that soap opera is settled sooner rather than later.

Sounds like we will know soon whether or not Brock Osweiler is indeed the Broncos quarterback of the future or not.