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The Broncos quarterback saga continues ... Colin Kaepernick or Josh McCown?

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The radio waves on The Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro continue to be filled with the Denver Broncos quarterback situation. The Colin Kaepernick drama is still going strong, but now Josh McCown's name is being thrown into the mix thanks to the Cleveland Browns signing Robert Griffin III last week.

John Elway will likely take a quarterback in the 2016 NFL Draft, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't also think about pairing Mark Sanchez with another veteran quarterback to ensure solid competition at the position this Summer.

The guys discussed on Monday the situation from the 30,000 foot view.

Fortunately, the McCown discussion was really squashed by Michael Pritchard whom they brought on to talk about the Broncos quarterback situation.

I am solidly in the Kaepernick personally, because out of the entire bunch of available options he clearly has the highest ceiling of them all. I do not believe I've ever claimed Kaepernick will be the second coming of Elway or anything, but for 2016 he presents the best option to win with the highest possible ceiling.

Does Mark Sanchez offer that? Doubtful. What about Josh McCown? Even more doubtful.

The fact is the Broncos simply don't have many options right now. Sanchez provides the best possible backup option if Kaepernick's regression continues into 2016. If Kaepernick bounces back then the Broncos suddenly have a dynamic run/pass quarterback paired with what will likely be the NFL's best defense.

All I can say is, "Yes, please!".

Bonus Listen

Former Colorado Buff, Chad Brown, talks about why players especially want to get paid after winning a Super Bowl. We shouldn't be surprised that guys are leaving after the incredible 2015 season.