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Peyton Manning's retirement press conference to be held one month from Super Bowl 50

Peyton Manning's retirement will proceed with the proper pomp and circumstance.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos have confirmed the ESPN and The Denver Post reports that Peyton Manning is riding off into the orange and blue sunset. Manning's retirement press conference is set for Monday, March 7th, exactly one month from Super Bowl 50 and Denver's third world championship.

The love for Peyton has already gotten underway ahead of the press conference from the likes of GM John Elway and head coach Gary Kubiak.

Manning had a remarkable career and an even more remarkable four years in Denver with the Broncos, capturing four AFC West titles, three No. 1 seeds in the AFC, an MVP award, an NFL touchdown record, two Super Bowl appearances, and one Super Bowl win. He capped off a number of career NFL records in Denver that include wins by a quarterback, passing touchdowns, and passing yards.

We're thrilled that one of the greatest to ever play the game decided to forge his next chapter in Denver, and we're even more thrilled for Manning that he decided this chapter would be his last. Manning will retire a Bronco, and while he'll probably ceremoniously retire a Colt some time down the line, it's awesome that his last game was with the Broncos, winning Super Bowl 50.

Thanks, Peyton!