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Report: Houston Texans expected to call Brock Osweiler's agent today

The legal tampering period begins this morning and the first player the Houston Texans want to start a conversation with is Brock Osweiler.

This report comes on the heels of news breaking this weekend that the Denver Broncos have a respectable, yet team friendly, offer out to Osweiler in the three year $45 million range. It appears that news may have been leaked to help John Elway with some damage control if he feels Osweiler may already be moving on.

For Houston, Brock would be a 'dream scenario'.

Here on Mile High Report, fans mostly like Osweiler, but do not believe in him enough to throw big time starter money at him. It would appear the good people down in Houston do, which makes sense considering how quarterback deficient one team has been over the other in recent years.

Elway and the Broncos still have the upper hand today as they can still close the deal with Osweiler prior to the free agency period officially beginning on March 9th. However, if teams like the Texans are prepared to throw truckloads of money at him, don't expect the Broncos to chase.

There is always Plan B, whatever that might be.