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Create-A-Caption Contest: Peyton Manning Retirement Edition

Create a caption for this picture and win a prize the admiration of your fellow fans (it's the offseason)! Think witty, hilarious, and clever - and remember to keep it clean. Give us your best caption in the comments.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Peyton Manning has been in a lot of the photos used in MHR's Create-A-Caption-Contest over the last few years. I sometimes had to intentionally look for photos to use that didn't have Manning in them as the photos of him were usually such good choices. (Thank you Von Miller for being such a good option as well!)

Manning's retirement press conference was no surprise - a moving tribute both to his career and football in general. It has been a great four years with Peyton Manning as a Denver Bronco with plenty of amazing highs and a few depressing lows. But the highs are what I know will stick with me.

So go ahead and create one more caption for Peyton Manning on his final day as a Denver Bronco. Thanks for everything Peyton!!

What is the MHR Create-a-Caption contest you ask? Every week MHR will give you a photo and we're looking to you to create the funniest, wittiest, most hysterically awesome caption for it in our comments section.

Last Time

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Winner - with 44 recs!!

"That moment when you realize you don't have to hear Phil Simms talk for another 7 months."