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Tim Tebow is the answer at quarterback for the Broncos

If we're going full bore on the nonsense about the QBs Denver should sign or trade for, at least go all out.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Another day, another option at quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Broncos Country can't get enough quarterback rumors or speculation on who the team should pick.

Every day we get a new option for John Elway, Gary Kubiak and the Broncos.

It started with Brock Osweiler and pivoted to Colin Kaepernick, Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian. It then shifted back to Kaepernick but quickly to Ryan Fitzpatrick, Robert Griffin III ... only to go back to Kaepernick but not really. Now we've moved to, cue uncontrollable vomiting, Brian Hoyer, Josh McCown or Mike Glennon (wipes around the mouth) but back to Kaepernick ... maybe.

It's exhausting.

Heck, some have suggested the Broncos just bring back Peyton Manning.

We have yet to hear some call for the return of Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn, but at this point it's not far off.

Why not trade for Matt Schaub? If we're throwing out trade proposals, at least he knows the system and Kubiak made him a star once before.

The more people offer up their opinions, the better Jake Plummer sounds.

I just had an aha moment; an even better solution to this mess.

This one tops them all in every way imaginable, and it's not even close.

Tim Tebow.

Bring him back and let Kubiak work his magic. Quarterbacks have their best seasons under him, right? The system is "quarterback friendly."

If Denver doesn't need a great quarterback to win because of the defense, at least get a guy who had "success" with the Broncos. At least bring back the guy who reinvigorated a fanbase.

If Kubiak and this system can turn any quarterback into a rock star (you hear that a lot since he made Schaub a Pro Bowl player), why not Tebow?

Is he any worse than Hoyer?



At least with Tebow, you know he wants to get better and will put in the work. Unlike those three guys, he's even won a playoff game.

If people are serious about bringing in Hoyer, McCown or Glennon (cue uncontrollable vomiting) to play quarterback for the Broncos, why not Tebow?

Yes, you have to do deal with the Cult of Tebow, but that beats the cult of people who think those three guys will help Denver.

Can Tebow play any worse than Manning last season? That's the other argument thrown out to support certain quarterbacks. Tebow doesn't have to play like Steve Young, just don't wreck the Ferrari in a ditch. Though with Kubiak, Tebow could become Young. And Kubiak worked with Young in San Francisco so that's another factor to consider.

The other benefit to Tebow? He's cheap. Incredibly cheap.

He fits the system, too. He's mobile, gets out of the pocket and "throws" on the move. Don't forget, Tebow also has chemistry with Demaryius Thomas - more so than Osweiler had.

If people are serious about bringing in Hoyer, McCown or Glennon (cue uncontrollable vomiting) to play quarterback for the Broncos, why not Tebow?

If we're going full bore on nonsense, at least go all out.

Happy April Fools Day, Broncos Country!