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Report: Denver Broncos offered Von Miller a deal worth between $17 and $18 million a year

Super Bowl 50 Winning Team Head Coach and MVP Press Conference Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

According to Mike Klis of 9News, the Denver Broncos have offered Von Miller a long term deal worth $17 to $18 million a year. However, Miller is looking for $20 to $25 million a year.

The standoff will likely result in Miller skipping the opening of Broncos offseason program next Monday, April 18th. Dancing with the Stars is also likely to interfere with those dates anyway as Miller is essentially living in Los Angeles four or five days a week in a home provided by the show.

As for the contract, it's hard to argue against Miller's point of view as Olivier Vernon recently signed a $17 million a year contract with the New York Giants. Vernon has just 29.0 career sacks through his first four seasons and has yet to appear in a playoff game, while Miller has 60.0 career sacks in his first four seasons and has another 6.5 in the playoffs to go along with a Super Bowl MVP.

The deadline for a long-term deal is July 15th and knowing how the NFL's works sometimes we probably won't see much in the way of updates until that deadline is just around the corner.

If the Broncos and Miller cannot work out a deal, Miller will have to play the 2016 season under the franchise tag salary of $14.129 million.