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Max McCaffrey in town for a pre-draft visit with the Denver Broncos on Monday

Duke v Wake Forest Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Former Denver Broncos great Ed McCaffrey's son Max McCaffrey will be visiting with the Broncos today. The 6'2" 200 pound Duke standout wide receiver recorded 52 receptions for 643 yards and five touchdowns in 2015.

He would become an instant fan favorite if the Broncos pick him up late in the NFL Draft. McCaffrey saw his draft stock rise at his pro day when he clocked in a 4.46 40-yard dash time.

McCaffrey grew up a Broncos fan, but understands the business side of the NFL well enough to let that go if he gets drafted by another team.

"I don't really care at this point," said McCaffrey. "It's fun to watch, I've watched the Broncos ever since I was young. I was always a fan growing up so it's nice to see my hometown doing well, but at the same time, it's football and at this stage, anywhere you get picked, that's who you're going to be a fan of."

Would you like to see the Max McCaffrey in a Broncos uniform in 2016?