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Broncos to hold a pre-draft visit with quarterback Connor Cook on Wednesday

The Broncos continue to do their homework on the upcoming quarterback class.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Denver Broncos will have former Michigan State quarterback prospect, Connor Cook in for a pre-draft workout/visit on Wednesday.

Cook is a 6'4", 220lb quarterback prospect who is a potential first round pick for the Denver Broncos in the 2016 NFL Draft. With all the talk currently surrounding Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch as an option for the Broncos, Cook as flown under the radar a bit recently.

This is something Cook has noticed himself, and he believes he deserves to be getting the same attention as the other top quarterbacks in this are receiving.

"I think I played against really good competition and I played in some big-time games on some big-time stages with a lot of stuff riding on it -- seasons riding on it; championships riding on it -- and I think I played pretty well in those types of game. And to be considered the fourth-best quarterback, I don't really understand why. If it's scouts or coaches, I don't know, I'm obviously not with them watching the film. Maybe it's my completion percentage, maybe that's it. But I think I have the resume to be a first rounder."

Cook believes he is a first rounder, and apparently many other GM's, Coaches, and Scouts agree with him. League sources have told Canfora that there is, at least, one NFL team mulling the idea of trading back into the first round to select Cook, and several teams have Cook rated as the second best quarterback in this class.

"We like him, we like him a lot, actually," said an executive from a team that has Cook as the second-best quarterback in the draft. "We have him right up there with the other two or three actually even higher than a few of them. We like the kid a lot. We don't think there is a whole lot separating some of these quarterbacks and Cook is the most ready to play. Goff, look at his tape against Utah, it's not pretty. And Wentz, there is a lot to like there, but he needs to go somewhere and sit for a year or two and develop. If Cleveland takes him at two that is going to be a disaster. There aren't any sure things at this position -- really at most of the skill positions in this draft -- and Cook is definitely high up in that quarterback mix for us."

Could the Broncos be one of the teams who have Cook ranked as their second quarterback in this year's draft? I think it is possible. Cook comes from a pro-style offense, he has an NFL-caliber arm and has decent enough athleticism to fit into Kubiak's offensive system. It's probably not the most exciting pick, but Cook is probably the most pro-ready quarterback in this year's draft.

One knock that has been overused on Cook was his attitude and personality. This something that has been really debunked during the draft process. According to Canfora, scouts have been raving about Cook's personality, demeanor after visiting with him.

"The team captain thing is totally overblown, totally overblown," said one scout who has done extensive work in the Big 10 and on Michigan State in particular. "Jack Allen is the alpha male of that program. Period. There was no way he wasn't going to be named the offensive team captain. He is the toughest guy there.

Cook to the Broncos could be something that may begin to heat up in the coming days and weeks ahead. I could also see Cook being selected ahead of Paxton Lynch allowing him to fall to the Broncos in the first round. Do keep in mind that this is also the time when a lot of misinformation is being floated out there to trick opposing teams and GMs.

Cook will now join quarterbacks Paxton Lynch, Dak Prescott, and Jeff Driskel as the quarterback prospects to visit the Broncos prior to the 2016 NFL Draft.