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A 'light on his feet' Von Miller dazzles in his Disney DWTS

We watched a lighter, fitter Von Miller dance his way to sacking quarterbacks 11 times last season, and now his fancy footwork is winning him big points on the dance floor too.

Von Miller couldn't have been more charming as Cinderella's prince at the ball in his fourth performance on Dancing With the Stars Monday night.

And Bruno Tonioli couldn't have been more impressed.

After the judge called the Super Bowl MVP a "super hunk" last week, Bruno was slightly more reserved but definitely more inspired by Miller's magical dance.

"What a staggering transformation since last week. I am totally enchanted," he said. "You can do suave, sophisticated, elegant, light on your feet. Your posture is better, your lines are better. ...I'm telling you, you are kingly."

Miller and his partner Witney scored 32/40, which was among the top performers - not that we would expect any less from the Super Bowl-winning linebacker.

Feeling a little down about last week's lower scores overall, Von and Witney clearly spent time in the film room improving their game plan.

As Entertainment Weekly's Maggie Fremont writes, Miller was "ready to bring it for their Cinderella-themed Viennese waltz. This is a sentence I'd bet Von never imagined would be written. Or maybe he has!"

In her own review, Fremont was not just impressed by the dancing but more by the partner chemistry - which she pointed out meant a lot better behavior from Miller this week.

"Witney wants Von to fully embody his princeliness, which means no sticking his tongue out and no farting (if we're grading chemistry on the Kim and Sasha scale, Von and Witney's would be off the charts). You guys! Von is so ahem — charming in this dance. ...This is definitely the best he's looked. Speaking of, I'm totally stuffing all my dresses with strands of lights. It's so hot right now."

But as we've also come to expect from No. 58, this is no time to let up on the gas (no pun int...oh well, yes, that was totally intended) as Steelers' Antonio Brown and his partner scored a stunning 35/40 and fan favorite Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men fame is absolutely on fire (and for the record, if Miller doesn't take this trophy, I'm totally pulling for Morris!)

"We've just got to keep workin," Miller said following his performance, attributing his improvement this week to great coaching while also warming up his clichés for the season. "Just one day at a time and we made it happen."

Of course, now that Miller has done well enough to stay alive another week on DWTS, the question remains whether the franchise-tagged Miller will try to balance Broncos OTAs in Denver with his stringent dance workouts in L.A.?

But his dance partner posted in her Instagram that she was "seriously gonna miss dancing with [Von] this week," so Broncos fans are likely to see him back in the Mile High city.

Aqib Talib expects his fellow defenseman at practice.

"I think that he's going to be there on the 18th,'' Talib told Jeff Legwold on Monday. "The last time I talked to him, he was going to be on his way to Denver on the 18th with everybody else.''

Obviously such a schedule will require some fast wings or at least hot wheels. And it looks like the Broncos' favorite "geek" has that covered:

We can also assume Miller won't be bringing his "brother" with him.