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John Bowlen sentenced to 24 months probation for harassment

Stemming from an arrest last Summer on harassment charges and suspicion of third-degree assault, John Bowlen has been sentenced to probation for 24 months.

The incident describes Bowlen behaving erratically. Mike Klis of 9News offered additional details of the incident as well.

Best told police she was trying to call for help after Bowlen made comments about killing someone he had a prior conflict with, according to a Glendale police report. The report states Best told police that Bowlen was under the influence of alcohol and "whippits," a nitrous oxide-filled cartridge inhaled to get a high.

Bowlen's sentencing, according to Brooke Way also of 9News, will include probation with drug and alcohol evaluation, along with mental health treatment.

All told, the incident should have found its conclusion today, but Bowlen and his lawyers plan to appeal the ruling according to TMZ. If the appeal fails, Bowlen will need to serve his probation and meet the guidelines of the sentencing in order to move on from this troubling period of his life.