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Denver Broncos open the season slight favorites over Carolina Panthers

With the Broncos schedule being released earlier today, Vegas odds makers have already begun setting the early lines for Week 1.

Despite completely dismantling the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50, the Denver Broncos open up slight favorites at home in the NFL's season opener. This should only feed the Broncos defense who tend to thrive on being underdogs and being basically even against the team you beat to win a Super Bowl just a few months ago has got to irk some of them just a little.

On paper, it probably should be a close game. The Broncos have serious question marks at quarterback, but it is important to note that the last time Mark Sanchez played the Panthers his Philadelphia Eagles put up 40+ in a route of the team in 2014.

Even though the Broncos are defending Super Bowl champions, they also have a few question marks at key positions that have yet to find their answers. Given that, this line seems to favor the Broncos more than it probably should.

Ultimately, I think the Broncos find a way to defend their title against the Panthers. It's a matter of professional pride for guys like T.J. Ward on that impressive Broncos defense.