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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos report for offseason workouts

After a championship season, a parade, and the exhausting media tour that followed, it's time for the Denver Broncos to get back to work.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

When the Denver Broncos players and coaches report to Dove Valley on Monday, it will quickly become apparent that there is no carry-over from the exultation of Super Bowl 50. Gone are Peyton Manning, Owen Daniels, Malik Jackson, Danny Trevathan, Ryan Harris, Omar Bolden, David Bruton, Vernon Davis, Evan Mathis, Danny Trevathan, and, of course, Brock Osweiler.

2016 brings a brand new season.

Unfortunately, Von Miller won't be attending the workouts. Without a long-term contract, he'll do what all players in this situation do and not report. How this deal can't already be done kind of blows my mind. We all know that Miller's play last season (and previous seasons) means that his value sets the market. To eyeball what he's done and try to monetarily quantify it as anything less than top money is just a waste of time for all involved, especially the fans.

At the conclusion of today's work, coach Kubiak will be asked about Von and he'll give the customary, "we'll talk about players who are here," response. So that's what I'll do. Have you all been watching what quarterback Mark Sanchez has been saying and doing since he was traded to the Broncos?

Mark Sanchez wants the starting job and it shows. Nobody is more aware of the butt-fumbler reputation that Sanchez has earned than Mark himself. A guy who was once brashly confident in New York and then seldom seen in Philadelphia knows that this could likely be it for his career if it doesn't work out in Denver. When you're traded for a conditional 7th round pick, you need not wonder what your value is. So what's he doing? Holding passing camp in Los Angeles for all the receivers and the only other quarterback on the roster. There is a power vacuum at quarterback and Sanchez has positioned himself to take advantage. The question is though, is he capable of grabbing it with both hands and making the most out of it?

The start of offseason workouts signify the upcoming season has a heartbeat. It's time for the players to get that blood pumping.


Yep, it's time to go to work.

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What do you think of the schedule? Former Broncos public relations guru Jim Saccomano recalled this quote from former Broncos coach John Ralston:

"Your schedules are like your kids.  You might as well love them, because they are the only ones you have."

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