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Look for the Denver Broncos to bring in another veteran quarterback

The idea of the Denver Broncos bringing in another veteran quarterback gives some fans fits of anxiety, but really it shouldn't. They need quarterbacks and they probably won't end up with a clear starter heading into training camp.

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Currently the Denver Broncos have two quarterbacks on the roster with Mark Sanchez and Trevor Seimian. They will likely enter training camp with four quarterbacks, which means they will need to double up before then. I expect them to fill one of those spots with a 2016 NFL Draft pick, but the other will come in the form of a trade or free agent signing.

We all know about the Colin Kaepernick trade, which I don't think will happen (if it happens at all) until the day of the draft. If that trade somehow doesn't work out, then I would expect John Elway to look to signing Brian Hoyer who was released by the Houston Texans over the weekend.

Our own Ian Henson predicted Hoyer would likely be released at some point and that Broncos fans shouldn't panic if or when a veteran quarterback was signed.

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Posted by Mile High Report: A Denver Broncos Blog on Friday, April 15, 2016

The point is the Broncos quarterback problem is far from solved. Even if the worst case scenario happens where the Broncos get a rookie quarterback in the draft and sign a guy like Hoyer or Josh McCown, they still have Sanchez.

If you really think Sanchez is awful, you should be reminded of his 332 yard, 45-point clinic he put on the Carolina Panthers in 2014. He has first round talent and a desire to regain a starting quarterback job in the NFL.