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Mark Sanchez's drive is the first step to his success

That doesn't guarantee he will become the Broncos' starter or limit the risk John Elway took to acquire him, but it's the most important step.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

There's always a risk when a team signs a free agent or makes a trade.

You never know what will happen and if the player signed will live up to that contract.

Will this player give a return on investment? Or were millions upon millions just flushed down the toilet?

Even teams that do extensive research on free agents aren't guaranteed success. While doing so is a sound business practice, until that investment takes the field, you never know.

Perhaps the biggest free-agent gamble in NFL history was Peyton Manning.

When he was released by the Indianapolis Colts four years ago, there were questions if he would ever throw a football again let alone play as he did prior to his four neck surgeries.

Teams do what they can to put their new players in the best possible situation to have success. They have the facilities, the coaches, the teammates, and, for teams like the Denver Broncos, the tradition. Whether it's the legendary players who still walk the halls of the UCHealth Training Center or the three Lombardi Trophies, that's inspiration enough to drive a little harder.

Yet even that is no harbinger to a great signing or trade.

The player you invested in must make the commitment.

As the Broncos begin the first phase of the offseason program, questions still linger at quarterback. The seriousness of the situation varies depending on where you venture in Broncos Country. Some are still on the cliff and hanging by a pebble while others take the patient approach.

Those about to jump hate the situation and see no hope. "Mark Sanchez? Denver is doomed. They'll be lucky to make the playoffs again, even with this great defense."

Those who remain patient trust John Elway to make the right moves. The addition of Sanchez is just the first step. "The Broncos proved last season they don't need a great offense. No doubt it would be nice to not put so much on the defense this season, but they don't need Manning from 2014."

Regardless of what the next step is, whether it's another veteran via free agent/trade addition and/or a quarterback from the NFL Draft, what we do know is Sanchez will have a chance to become the starter.

"Butt fumble, really? If you polish a turd, it's still a turd."

People will either come around to Sanchez or they won't. For those still holding out hope that John Elway will trade Sanchez to get Colin Kaepernick or someone else, it won't happen. Sanchez is in Denver for at least the 2016 season and he will have the chance to start.

If Sanchez's mental approach tells you anything, he's going to do everything he can to become the Broncos' starter.

In Troy Renck's long feature on Sunday, two quotes from Sachez stood out. They show how serious Sanchez is about this chance.

The first quote:

"I don't care who's there. They are going to give me a fair shake. And if it's a fair shot, I will bet on myself. I will compete my butt off and be friendly and professional with whoever's there. But I want this so bad. Since I was a little kid, I have been dreaming about a chance to win a Super Bowl."

The second quote:

"It started when I was just a little guy. Whether it was throwing the ball after practice, hitting extra in the batting cage, taking extra groundballs, it was always about working when somebody is sleeping. I love to compete, and I love football. Sunday, man, you win — oh, my God. You win and everything is better. And, man, I hate losing. Food tastes terrible; you are in a bad mood. It's a sickness. It's disgusting. Everything I have been through has made me appreciate this more and made me ready for this. I just kept hoping the last few years I would get another shot. It's here. It's all I can ask for. So let's go!"

Don't misconstrue the point of those two quotes.

In the grand scheme of things, they mean absolutely nothing.

In the same refrain, those two quotes show fans, teammates, coaches and the entire organization how much Sanchez wants this. He will do whatever he can to make it work and ensure the Broncos repeat. To make sure Denver's offense is better than it was last season.

As Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders told the media after the first workout on Monday, what Sanchez is showing at this point, "is the type of guy that we need." Sanders also said Sanchez has made a "great impression" and is impressed by his arm strength, throws and leadership.

"He wants to be the quarterback, " Sanders said. "He wants to be the guy."

You see a drive from Sanchez to become the best and a player who bets on himself.

That doesn't guarantee success or limit the risk Elway took to acquire him. There's just as much possibility we see another butt fumble.

But it's the first step. It's also the most important.