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No Bull Pre-Draft Offensive Roster Overview

We're all getting excited about the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft. In order to gain an idea of what our team needs, let's take a big picture look at what our roster looks like currently.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

For review, if you want the details on our offensive personnel, here are the links for my positional break-down of our offensive players:


Let's cover some bases first: this is just my opinion. Feel free to share your differences in the comment section. That being said, no one really knows how our guys are going to look come training camp, let alone pre-season, let alone week 1. We're just playing arm-chair GM here and this is just what I think of the state of things as such.

We're looking very big picture, so there is plenty of room for interpretation. The big thing here is what areas do I think the Broncos could bolster or improve in the draft? Where are the glaring needs, if any, in our roster?

Color Key

Red = Red chip player / Elite player at his position

Blue = Blue chip player / Very talented player at his position / above-average

White = Average NFL Player (this isn't a bad thing)

Orange = Below Average NFL Player / Developmental Player / Unknown

About that passing game...

Notice first of all that I think very highly of the talent levels of our starting Wide Receivers. The problem this roster has is that for those two really talented players to be able to perform requires a QB who can throw them the ball.

I'm optimistic that if all else fails, our coaches can get Mark Sanchez to play average NFL ball. As an arm-chair GM, I'm not a fan of that plan and some how, some way I'm looking to find a better answer at QB. The offense needs it in order to improve this year and really start carrying their weight in 2016.

The line is still a worry

I do like what we've done this off-season with our O-Line. I'm optimistic about Max Garcia and Ty Sambrailo if they do indeed move to guard. I like our chances to get average play from our tackles if they stay healthy. What I really don't like is the lack of talent overall in the group. We have one blue chip player in Matt Paradis and a bunch of average guys / question marks.

Pass Catching Tight Ends

I'm a big fan of Virgil Green's and I would love to see him get more involved in the passing game. I'm also hopeful that Jeff Heuerman can make an impact this season. The depth behind both of them looks severely lacking to me and I'd be very interested in finding another tight end who can stretch the field.