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Trading Von Miller for the Cleveland Browns #2 overall draft pick is a stupid idea

On Tuesday's The Afternoon Drive, Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro asked former NFL player Chad Brown if trading Von Miller to the Cleveland Browns for the number two pick in the 2016 NFL Draft would be a good idea.

Chad Brown immediately said it would be a fantastic move by the Denver Broncos, which is basically the worst idea ever. Brown explained his reasoning rather well, which in the context of the question makes sense.

However, anyone "convinced" that Carson Wentz or Jarod Goff is the next Andrew Luck needs to be fired from their NFL scouting position. This trade idea has been floating around on social media too and it just boggles my mind that it is actually a thing.

Frankly, keeping the Broncos defense together as much as possible should be John Elway's biggest priority. His second biggest priority should to bring the talent level on this offense up to the point where it can help keep that number one defense in a solid position to win.

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les come to the conclusion that Von Miller should do everything he can to get the most money possible out of the Broncos. He's certainly earned it.