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Should Von Miller hold out if the Denver Broncos don't budge during contract negotiations?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It's a question most Denver Broncos fans don't want to hear, but from the business side of the NFL it is a possibility that we simply cannot ignore. Von Miller reportedly wants somewhere between $20-$25 million a year, but John Elway and the Broncos hope to re-sign him for around $18 million a year.

Potentially, that is an insurmountable gap and what if Elway doesn't budge from his number? Even our own hypothetical contract for Miller came up millions per year short of what this year's free agent market dictates.

Could this mean a contract standoff that could last well into the 2016 season?

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report thinks so. Cole is often proved wrong with his "insider buzz" stuff, but he isn't the first to suggest these contract negotiations could get ugly. Where there is smoke, there could be fire.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive also discussed Miller's contract situation on Tuesday and they felt he should do everything he can to get the most money possible from the Broncos.

I happen to agree with that stance. Von Miller is one of the game's transcendent players and deserves every penny of a mega-deal. He deserves to become the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL - until, that is, J.J. Watt's next contract comes up for renewal.

It's how the NFL works.

And frankly, if Elway gets cheap in these negotiations, then I'd see no recourse for Miller other than to hold out until he gets what he deserves contractually.

If it were any other player on the Broncos roster, I wouldn't be saying that, but as I said, Miller is a transcendent player in this league. You won't find an adequate replacement, and you won't find enough value to replace him anyway.

So pay the man.