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ESPN's Adam Schefter says there is a "pretty good chance" Hoyer signs with the Broncos

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Adam Schefter appeared on Sandy and Stokley on 104.3 the Fan earlier today and said that there is a "pretty good chance" that free agent quarterback Brian Hoyer will sign with the Denver Broncos.

Hoyer is on his way to visit the Denver Broncos after meeting with the Jets last night, but according to Schefter, Hoyer wanted to see what Denver was offering before making his decision.

"The Jets thought there was a reasonable chance they would get a deal done. Brian Hoyer, when he looked at the options, decided that he wanted to visit Denver before doing anything with the Jets. That would tell you that he’s definitely interested in playing with Gary Kubiak and the Denver Broncos. He’s seeing what’s happening with Denver before doing anything with the Jets."

The Broncos are on the lookout for a quarterback after losing Peyton Manning to retirement and Brock Osweiler to the Houston Texans this offseason. They did trade a late 2017 draft pick to the Eagles for veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez, but that was only the "first step" in the process.

Could the second step in the process be Brian Hoyer? Schefter thinks there is a pretty good chance of that happening.

"I think it’s pretty good. He clearly had an interest in coming to Denver before doing anything with New York and Denver was fairly aggressive in bringing him there."

We know when a player visits the Broncos they often do not leave without signing a contract.

I would be a little surprised if the Broncos were able to afford Hoyer after a handful of their players signed their tenders, and the team recently re-signed running back Ronnie Hillman. They also signed defensive end Jared Crick and a pair of safeties. So the Broncos aren't really a cap-rich team.

Also, the addition of Hoyer would kill any chance of a trade for quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Acquiring Kaepernick would have cost the Broncos at least one draft pick and almost double the amount of salary, so Hoyer might be the smarter choice here.

Even if Hoyer signs with the Broncos, I do not see that changing their draft plans at quarterback. I believe they will select one within the first two rounds of next week's NFL Draft.