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ESPN's Adam Schefter says Colin Kaepernick and 49ers are headed toward divorce

According to Schefter, just because Brian Hoyer is visiting the Broncos on Thursday doesn't mean a trade for Kap is out of the question.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter was full of news on Wednesday, and he saved most of it for 104.3 FM in Denver.

The ESPN NFL insider was on with Sandy Clough and Brandon Stokley when he first said there was a "pretty good chance" Brian Hoyer signs with the Denver Broncos. Hoyer is expected to visit Denver on Thursday.

In fact, Mike Klis with 9News tweeted that Hoyer was eating dinner with Broncos' brass on Wednesday night at a Denver steakhouse (I wonder which one).

When the report came out Hoyer may sign with the Broncos, fans, for the most part, wanted no part of it. To say the least.

Perhaps this latest news will help with that. Or will it add to the confusion and/or anger when it comes to the Broncos quarterback situation?

According to Schefter, just because Hoyer is visiting the Broncos on Thursday doesn't mean a trade for Colin Kaepernick is out of the question.

As Schefter told "Sandy and Stokely:"

I had people calling me yesterday that the Browns and Eagles would get the deal done. Of course, the deal came together and got done.

The same people that were telling me that, three of them, told me that San Francisco and Kapernick are going to have to end in a divorce. Most people believe that is a difficult relationship to have to continue. They're going to have to move him and if they have to move him, there is only one logical landing spot.

The Broncos have been linked to Kaepernick since early March. Since then we've gone from the move will happen at any second, to it's dead.

Now Schefter has confirmed there is still life to Kaepernick ending up with the Broncos after all.

One thing you can say about John Elway and this process is he has remained patient. He hasn't rushed to any decision that could hurt the franchise. He wants to make sure he gets the right guy to lead the Broncos offense.

Just when you think that guy is Hoyer, it swings back to Kaepernick.

Stay tuned, perhaps there's a mystery quarterback we have yet to hear about.

Hold on to your butts!