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Horse Tracks: So much cray this time of year

I don't think there's ever been a time where the fans of the NFL have been as well educated as today. That's what makes this part of the offseason so juicy and interesting. We can look at the moves being made and laugh, cry, and / or nod in approval.

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I do so love looking at the articles out there this time of year and see not one, but now two complete dumpster fire moves by teams trading up to "get their guy".

Let me be clear here, I don't think moving up in the first round is per se a terrible idea. I just see no reason at all in this year's draft that anyone should be mortgaging their team's draft this year and next to move up and grab a guy. There's just too much good depth in the draft to be had and too little of a sure thing worth jumping out there for.

Also, I'm going to be honest here, I did breath a little sigh of relief to see that the Broncos weren't involved in either trade.

That being said, when I heard Brian Hoyer was visiting today with the Broncos I puked in my mouth just a little. Maybe our championship team isn't immune from head-scratching moves.

I will say this though: bring on the cray. The more teams hop around and stir up drama in the draft, the better it is for us at 31. We'll see some really talented player fall into our laps because too many teams are chasing QBs, RBs, etc.

Your Denver Broncos News

San Francisco 49ers GM Trent Baalke hopes Colin Kaepernick stays, hasn't ruled out trade
Trent Baalke is not ruling out a trade for Colin Kaepernick, though San Francisco's general manager says he still hopes to see the quarterback with new coach Chip Kelly. (Yeah, I know not strictly Broncos, but we have a vested interest)

In 2016, "It's all football" for Broncos' Demaryius Thomas
Thomas says reudcing the drops that plagued him last year is an "easy" fix, but not "too easy." He thinks a full offseason and fewer off-field focal points will help.

Broncos to visit with QB Brian Hoyer
Hoyer will meet with team officials at the UCHealth Training Center on Thursday as the Broncos continue to examine their options at QB.

2015 NFL Losers' News

Giants co-owner: NFL 'may be moving' toward eliminating kickoffs -
Giants co-owner and competition committee member John Mara thinks the NFL could eventually move towards eliminating kickoffs altogether.

Tom Brady's mom thinks he's as fast as Russell Wilson and Cam Newton -
Tom Brady's mom thinks he's super fast.

Winners, losers from blockbuster Eagles-Browns trade -
The Eagles acquired the No. 2 overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft in a trade with the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday. Here are the winners and losers from the second-biggest draft trade of the season.

Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson undergoes surgery -
Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson underwent ankle surgery and is expected to be ready for the start of training camp.

DeMarcus Lawrence of Dallas Cowboys facing 4-game suspension for violating NFL's substance abuse policy
Cowboys DE DeMarcus Lawrence is facing a four-game suspension to start the 2016 NFL season for violating the league's substance abuse policy, a source told ESPN.

Cleveland Browns trade No. 2 pick in draft to Philadelphia Eagles for five picks
The Browns are trading the No. 2 pick in the draft to the Eagles for five selections, including first-rounders in this and next year's draft.

Chris Harris, Jr. Just Lost this Cat Money News (LOL)

The Josh Norman situation leaves us with more questions than answers -
The Panthers surprisingly rescinded the franchise tag initially placed on Josh Norman, and everything about the situation suggests there may be more at play than simply the inability to strike a long-term deal.

Possible landing spots for former Carolina Panthers CB Josh Norman - NFL
Which teams will have interest now that Josh Norman is a free agent? Our NFL Nation reporters pick out who could make a pre-draft splash by signing the star cornerback.

Players react to Josh Norman becoming free agent -
The Carolina Panthers rescinded the non-exclusive franchise tag on Josh Norman making him a free agent. This bold move shocked social media causing several players to post their thoughts.