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Should the Denver Broncos ask Demaryius Thomas for a contract restructure?

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive discussed how the Denver Broncos might free up some cap space this year from Demaryius Thomas without having to utilize the nuclear option Field Yates mentioned a few weeks ago. That option is converting his base salary this season into a signing bonus, which would heavily increase the amount of dead money the Broncos would incur in future years of his contract.

The cap space could come from a simple contract restructure and the Broncos don't even have to ask Thomas to take a paycut. They just need to spread the dollars around to help free up some space right now for the Broncos to make some much needed moves.

I am on record insisting Thomas is going to have a monster year in 2016. Despite a "down year", Thomas finished seventh in yards and receptions in the NFL. He is as elite as you can get, so if John Elway can find a way to squeeze some extra cap dollars out of his contract without asking for a paycut then I am all for that.

Bonus Listen

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