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Horse Tracks: Draft week descends upon the Denver Broncos

The wait between the final Broncos game and the first pick of the draft always seems like a long one. However, with the Super Bowl win, there's just so much more responsibility for average Broncos fans. Sure, the usual scouring of a thousand mock drafts, most of which will be wrong, will still take place, but time for that will be limited. Limited for what? Buying Super Bowl swag, re-watching the game a few dozen times, trying to guess which players will be the storytellers when the America's Game for the 2015 season is released. Despite all that going on, ladies and gentlemen, we suddenly find ourselves in draft week. It's time to get excited about what the future holds for the Broncos in 2016.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the Rams and Eagles having already pulled the trigger on huge trades at the top of the draft, this draft has a different feel to it than past ones. I can't tell if it's panic of desperation that I've started to smell lately, but it certainly strong. There will undoubtedly be more moves within the first round and it will likely continue into the second.

Thankfully, everything I have heard and read suggests that the Broncos will stay back and take the best player available... unless they don't. With the quarterback feeding frenzy likely to unfold in the top half of the draft, it may be in the Broncos best interests to lay back and take what comes their way.

Then there's Colin Kaepernick. Talks are currently dormant, but as we all learned in the Javon Walker trade of 2006, things can happen quickly. If this is ever going to happen, it'll happen within the next week. The funny thing is that it's gone on so long that people already have feelings one way or the other about him joining. My advice is to reserve any judgement until it happens, or doesn't, just to save you the stomach acid you'll need as you watch the Broncos draft clock tick down to their selection, whomever that may be.

Will the Broncos move up? Move back? Trade for Kaepernick? Take a quarterback? Take the best player available that isn't a punter? Folks, we'll know all that this time next week. It's draft week. It's time to get excited.


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