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Quarterback Sam Bradford demands a trade from the Eagles, should the Broncos be interested?

Should the Broncos explore a trade for quarterback Sam Bradford?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, quarterback Sam Bradford has informed the Philadelphia Eagles that he wants to be traded and will not be showing up to their offseason program.

Bradford is demanding a trade because the Eagles traded up to the second overall pick to select either Cal quarterback Jared Goff or North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz. They also signed free agent quarterback Chase Daniels to a deal worth $7 million dollars a year, so it makes sense that Bradford may want out of this situation.

The Eagled signed Bradford to a two-year, $35 million deal earlier this year.

What makes Bradford an attractive trade option for quarterback-needy teams is that Bradford's remaining cap number for 2016 is only $7 million dollars. That's a bargain if you're looking for a quarterback capable of starting for your team.

Now should the Broncos have interest in trading for quarterback Sam Bradford? I think they should.

As Andrew Mason says here, Bradford is only due $7 million dollars this year and that is exactly the price the Broncos wanted to pay to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. So Bradford would fit the Broncos apparent budget.

He is also probably the best quarterback option out there for the Broncos. Kaepernick probably has the highest potential but is coming off two down years, Hoyer is a fringe starter at best, so is Sanchez, and the Broncos might not be able to get the top quarterbacks in this year's draft. So Bradford makes sense, and would only cost the Broncos a mid to late round pick.

Bradford isn't a great quarterback but would give the Broncos a veteran option under center, a quarterback with a career completion percentage of 60%, and someone who can be that "game manager" at quarterback for the Broncos. He does come with some injury concerns, so the Broncos would need a reliable backup on the team(Sanchez) ready and waiting.

During Bradford's career, he has totaled 14,790 yards passing, 78 touchdowns, 52 interceptions, and a career quarterback rating of 81.0

It is unclear if the Broncos will give the Eagles a call, but I think they should at least kick the tires on Bradford. If they're willing to sign Brian Hoyer, trade for Mark Sanchez and Colin Kaepernick, why not Sam Bradford?

What do you think Mile High Report? He is not the greatest option, but the Broncos need someone at quarterback. I think Bradford could be an alright option going forward.