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MHR NFL Draft Round Table: What prospect should Denver avoid drafting?

In part two of our Draft Round Table, the Mile High Report staff pontificates on what player the Denver Broncos should avoid drafting in this years NFL Draft.

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For the second installment of our Draft Round Table, the Mile High Report staff discusses the players they do not want the Denver Broncos to select in this years NFL Draft.  Surprise, surprise: two prospects in particular garnered the most negative votes:  Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook and Ole Miss defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche.

What prospect do you want the Broncos to avoid at all costs and why?

Ian Henson: What is common knowledge amongst scouts is enough to scare me away from Connor Cook. I'd be too scared to draft him, especially given certain players the Broncos have avoided like the plague.
Sadaraine: Connor Cook. I'm no scout by a long shot, but everything I read about this guy screams "mediocre" to me. I'm skeptical of many of the QBs in this draft, but Cook seems to me to be a guy like Sanchez or Hoyer. We already have that. If you want to draft a QB, get someone with a higher ceiling.
Tim Lynch: Robert Nkemdiche. That guy has trainwreck written all over him. There are plenty of other talented rookies in this class, so let the Dallas Cowboys draft this one. Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive discussed a similar topic on Tuesday when they talked about some of the most wasted, but talented athletes in recent memory. I feel like Nkemdiche is going to end up just like one of those players.

Joe Mahoney: Christian Hackenberg. Since I pretty much wrote a whole article about this, I'll stop there and let you read the article.
Pete Baron: Robert Nkemdiche. While the dude has the talent to be elite, he has the mental capacity of Mike Tyson. And hey, we all love to watch that train wreck, but we just don't want that train wreck on our team.

Anyone whose first purchase is going to be a pet panther will probably have his second purchase be a face tattoo, and his third purchase be a Ferrari to use as a coffee table to feed his panther on (all Tyson moves). I'm telling you, for the talent this dude has, he's lacking an equal portion of his brain. Avoid at all costs.
Scotty Payne: This one is easy for me and it's Robert Nkemdiche. Yeah the athleticism and talent is there but the dude is mental and full of red flags. He will be suspended and have a bunch of drama surrounding him throughout his career

This draft is deep at defensive line and there is no reason for the Broncos to roll the dice on Nkemdiche when you can get another guy who is just as good and won't give you a headache.
Ian St. Clair: There are two quarterbacks Elway and the Broncos should avoid at all costs - Christian Hackenberg and Connor Cook. Both have "bust" written all over them. Maybe not to the level of Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell bust, but close. Save that reach for teams desperate for a quarterback.

Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann: Robert Nkemdiche. Unlike my esteemed colleague and troll-master, Ian St. Clair, I don't want to find out if this highly talented player (who is dumb enough to fall 15 feet after crashing through a hotel window because he's drunk) can turn it around in the NFL.

Yes, I know we have DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller for guidance, but once again I'm aligning with Pete here (quick, somebody check might be freezing over) - a guy who wants to buy a panther belongs in the next "Hangover" movie, not on our team.
Christopher Hart: Christian Hackenberg. I don't know if there is a more divisive quarterback prospect out there in this years' class than him. He looked promising during his freshman season, but under a new coaching staff the wheels absolutely fell off.  It begs the question, "What happened to him?"

I know he didn't have a lot of help around him, but his decision making is absolutely horrendous and his accuracy isn't anywhere near acceptable to be selected.  Name one prospect in the history of the draft who had as poor of numbers as he did in regard to completion rate that became successful NFL quarterbacks. Off the top of my head, none come to mind. 

I sincerely hope the Broncos brass doesn't take the risk on making him their prized reclamation project. 
Jeffrey Essary (NastyJ): I really don't have any players I would hate for them to draft. Someone like Shawn Oakman obviously would be up there as he is in all kinds of Greg Hardy-esque legal trouble. I'd hate to see us reach in the first round for a QB. I don't necessarily mind guys like Cook or Hackenberg if you want to get them in round 2 or 3 and try to develop them, but don't draft them in the first.

Is there a particular prospect you don't want the Broncos to draft? Tell us who they are in the comments section and keep your eyes peeled for the third installment of our NFL Draft Round Table which will be available later today.