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Broncos 2016 Draft: Three bold predictions

You can always count on draft weekend to bring a few twists and turns. Here are some bold predictions for the Denver Broncos in the 2016 draft

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL draft is a welcome oasis in the desert of the offseason. But things don't always go as planned. Sometimes what looks like a beautiful pool of water turns out to be a mira....OK, enough with the metaphors.

The NFL draft is one of the most exciting times of the offseason. It is this time of year that every team feels like it has a shot (except for maybe the Browns), and if it could just get that one player or land the right few picks, it would take them over the top. Fortunately, Denver already knows it can go to the top and just needs to re-load the roster for its title defense.

Inevitably, on draft night, something unexpected happens. This offseason has already been a crazy one for Denver, and this draft is shaping up to be a crazy one as well with the top two picks already traded. To go along with the crazy, here are some bold predictions for your Denver Broncos during this weekend's festivities.

1. Denver will exit the draft without taking a QB in the first three rounds, or trading for/signing a QB.

I know there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth among Broncos Country to just get this QB mess figured out already. Unfortunately for us fans, John Elway seems content to play this one very slow, patient and close to the vest. He has also already demonstrated that he will not make desperate moves at the QB position.

With this draft shaping up to potentially see three to four QBs go in the first round, Denver would likely have to trade up to get a guy for whom they have a first-round grade. So far Elway has been very frugal with the QB position - he let Osweiler go when the price got too high; he has shown a lot of interest in Colin Kaepernick, but the price has to be right.

So why would he go off the rails and spend valuable draft picks on an unknown commodity that will most likely end up backing up Mark Sanchez this year anyway? The answer is, he won't. Sure we'll grab a QB in the later rounds of the draft as competition in camp and to groom for the future, but that will come after round three.

2. Denver will not only draft Robert Nkemdiche, it will trade UP for him.

I have already mentioned on other posts that I think we should draft Nkemdiche. But with several mocks already mocking him to us at No. 31, that's not near bold enough for me!

Robert Nkemdiche was a consensus top five pick in the fall and was even rated No. 1 on Mel Kiper's board for awhile. Then after his falling-out-of-a-hotel-window incident, reports came out that he was dropping down the boards (understandably so), but he was still projected in the top 20 by most. Since then, Nkemdiche has continued to tumble down draft boards like they were Atlanta hotels (couldn't resist).

Here's the thing, though. The incident was in December and since then, Nkemdiche has had a good workout at the combine, a pro-day that was described as "special" and "rare", and has apologized for his mistake and been clean ever since (drug tests from the combine came back clean).

I don't buy that he will fall out of the first round or even to Denver at No. 31. Thus, like we did when Shane Ray started to fall, we'll go up and grab Nkemdiche; I'm predicting somewhere in the mid-20s.

3. Denver will use some ammo to trade up into the second, giving the Broncos two picks in the top 50.

This is a deep draft and very thick with talent in the first few rounds. Some scouts have said that from prospects 17-50, you can get the same level of talent. The second round to me is where the money is in this draft, but most of the good prospects will be gone by pick No. 63. So, Elway will package some of our mid-rounders with our extra third and go from No. 63 to the late 40s, early 50s. My best guess at trade-up prospects? Karl Joseph (if he isn't already gone in the first) and Cody Whitehair.

So what do you think Broncos Country? What are some of your bold draft predictions?