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MHR NFL Draft Round Table: How many selections should Denver make in the Top 3 rounds?

In our fifth and final installment of our NFL Draft Round Table, the Mile High Report staff discusses how many selections they'd like to see the Denver Broncos make in the first three rounds of this years NFL Draft.

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The Denver Broncos are currently slated to make four selections (#31, #68, #94, #98) in the first three rounds (Top 100 picks) of this years NFL Draft. Will they prefer quality or quantity when it comes to their strategy in this years' draft?

Should they stand pat and make four selections?  Could they be interested in making more than four selections in the Top 100 picks?  Or should they be aggressive and trade picks to get the best players possible? 

The Mile High Report staff give their thoughts and answers the fifth and final question in this years' NFL Draft Round Table.

In an ideal world the Broncos would make how many selections in the Top 3 rounds?

Ian Henson: Four, how cool would it be to do like Paxton Lynch, Cody Whitehair, Scooby Wright and Rishard Higgins? Or swap in Dak Prescott I guess and get Whitehair in the first with no Lynch.
Sadaraine:Three. I like us trading up as much as possible for talent we want. That being said, it is unlikely we will find a partner who is willing to trade out of a round for some picks way later. Also, Elway kinda sucks at drafting in the 3rd round.
Tim Lynch: Personally, I think they will end up taking three selections and trading their fourth to finally close the deal on Colin Kaepernick. I think the quarterback board will not fall fortuitously for them as some team is going to take Lynch near the Top 10 and I am doubtful the other top quarterbacks behind Lynch will fall to number 31 either, which would make Kaepernick the only choice left.

Joe Mahoney: Right now we have four and as deep as this draft is with defensive talent, I would like us to keep/use all four of them. Reload the defense and keep eatin' greedy.

Pete Baron: Two. That means that they traded possibly a 3rd round pick to the Niners for Kaepernick and the $4.9M of cash they need them to pony up. Kaepernick on his worst day is better than all of these knuckleheads on their best day (yep, without them having the benefit of playing a single snap in the NFL. I'm that cynical on this year's QB draft class).
Scotty Payne: In an ideal world? Like 10 picks.  I would say anywhere from 3 to 5. Either the Broncos trade their 3rd round pick to move up for a QB or they decide to trade back and stock up on top 100 picks.
Ian St. Clair: At most two, because that means Denver either traded up to get Lynch or got Colin Kaepernick.   

Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann: Three - Because in an ideal world, we trade up with either later round picks or 2017 picks and still get three in the top rounds this year (hey, I can have my cake and eat it too, right?
Christopher Hart: I would like to see them add four picks in the Top 100, but wouldn't mind if they got aggressive and traded mid and late round picks (or future selections) to nab the best talent in this years draft.  In an ideal world, the Broncos come out of the top three rounds with needs at DL, OL, S and LB all taken care of. I would also be open to the Broncos using an early selection on a skill position player, primarily running back as well.
Jeffrey Essary (NastyJ): Right now we have four. I would love to see us either add one more by packaging our 5ths, or improve our 2nd round pick from #63 to mid #40s. This is a very deep class and many scouts have said that from picks 17-50 you can get the same level of talent.

There's several guys I would love to see Denver grab in round 2, but will most likely be gone by #63. Using a one of our 3rds and another mid-round pick could get us up high enough in the 2nd to grab a Cody Whitehair or Karl Joseph. Heck if we don't like the crop at #31 I'd even advocate trading back to make this happen. I would really like two picks in the top 50.

How many picks would you like to see Denver make on the first two days of the draft?  Give us your best NFL Draft scenario / strategy in the comments section.

On behalf of Mile High Report, thank you for taking part in our NFL Draft Round Table discussions.  We truly appreciate the active involvement from the members and readers of our community who help make MHR the best Denver Broncos community on the internet.

Have a wonderful Thursday and enjoy the next few days of NFL Draft festivities!