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Broncos draft pick: Paxton Lynch move proves John Elway's patience pays off

Lynch and Denver is the ideal match. What he does well is what will make him a star in this offense.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The reaction of Paxton Lynch said it all.

When the cameras turned to the University of Memphis quarterback, there were tears in his eyes and no doubt joy in his heart. He had just received the phone call from John Elway that he is the newest member of the Denver Broncos. His dream just came true - in more ways than one.

He was selected in the NFL Draft and was drafted by the Super Bowl Champions to the team that will make him the best quarterback in this draft.

Denver traded up with the Seattle Seahawks to get the quarterback of the future in Lynch. In the process, the long-rumored trade for Colin Kaepernick ends. Hey, at least all of that talk will end too, right?

Lynch and the Broncos is the ideal match. What he does well is what will make him a star in this offense. Yes, he needs to learn and grow, but the upside he has is the highest of any quarterback in the draft. Add the coaches and the executive who will shape him, and there is reason to feel excitement.

There's no doubt he could be an absolute bust like Tommy Maddox, the first-round pick the Broncos selected in the early 1990s. But I don't see that happening, and neither do most of the scouts. There were reports that some teams had Lynch higher than No. 1 pick Jared Goff. He's an incredible athlete, has a cannon for an arm and run an offense like Cam Newton. That's how good of an athlete he is.

But what makes this move pure Elway is he gained a better quarterback than he lost to the Houston Texans, or any of the others he looked at. And he did so at one-quarter of the price, if not less. As the old saying goes, patience is a virtue. While so many questioned Elway and said his hubris would cost the Broncos, now he has the last laugh ... as always.

Elway adds another quarterback to the competition whom he and Gary Kubiak love. Whether Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian or Lynch, the best player will take the position. However it turns out, may the best man win.

Kubiak and his coaches should go in with no preconceived notions of who will win the job. Go in with an open mind. Put all of them in the best situation to succeed and put it in their hands. You know they have the weapons, and the expectation that the offensive line and running game will improve. So over the course of the remaining offseason program, mini camp and training camp it's up to those three guys to decide the starting quarterback in 2016.

By all accounts, Sanchez is insanely motivated. When he's not in the quarterback room, he's in the playbook. He knows this could be his last chance.

Siemian will look to build off of his strong training camp and preseason and prove what he did last summer was not a fluke. Can he do it against better competition?

Lynch is a first-round pick who will want to prove to Elway and the coaches they made the right decision. Could he have gone higher? Perhaps, but he'll want to show everyone he should have. Motivation is a great thing, especially for a rookie quarterback. At the least, he'll come in with a chip on his shoulder.

Add it up and you have a great situation for Denver and that offense; however it unfolds. The selection of Lynch also ends the constant rumors, and means there's no chance of Sam Bradford or Brian Hoyer coming to the Broncos.

The reaction of Lynch said it all ... he wants to be in Denver. He knows he's the quarterback of the future.

Elway did it again.