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Paxton Lynch Highlights

Video highlights of our quarterback of the future.

When the Denver Broncos selected Paxton Lynch in the first round, he became the quarterback of the future in Denver. Whether the future is now or in 2017, the doubt swirling around the Broncos quarterback position is now over.

Highlights from his entire career

Paxton Lynch at the NFL combine

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Paxton Lynch 2015 highlights

Paxton Lynch' interview with John Gruden

Paxton Lynch at his Pro-Day

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Paxton Lynch full game video against Ole Miss in 2015

This was his only victory over a ranked opponent during his career at Memphis.

If you watch that full game against Ole Miss, listen for how often you DON'T hear the name "Nkemdiche." One of my reasons for not wanting us to draft him was the fact that he was a complete non-factor in this game. Lynch played a great game against a ranked SEC team.

For a large QB, he is extremely mobile and elusive, much more so than Brock Osweiler. He was compared to Cam Newton by draft pundits last night, but I see him more comparable to Ben Roethlisberger, particularly if you watched Big Ben in college at Miami (of Ohio).

Full game vs Houston

In that game against Houston, Paxton Lynch had to face a cornerback that was just drafted in the first round.

Visa's 306 degree VR of Paxton Lynch (So Cool!)