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Day 2 Live Blog - 2016 NFL Draft Results

Will the Denver Broncos pursue more trades on Day 2? There is a ton of value that has slipped into the second round, so trading up could net a huge impact player.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The first round of the NFL Draft went exactly according to the Denver Broncos plan. Paxton Lynch fell into the mid-20s and John Elway pulled the trigger on a trade that landed the promising young quarterback out of Memphis on a plane to Denver.

Since then, Mile High Report has covered just about every piece of news on Lynch since. However, with him meeting with media today before the second round opens up, there will likely be more. Denver is a quarterback town, so he's about to get introduced to Broncomania in all its glory.

The Broncos can now focus entirely on best player available and there are a ton of those kinds of guys right now, so don't rule out another trade up from Elway tonight as he has plenty of ammunition to get more trades done.

Day 2 Broncos Draft Picks

  • Round 2: Pick 63
  • Round 3: Pick 98 (compensatory)
  • Round 4: Pick 136 (compensatory)
  • Round 5: Pick 144 (from Ravens in Gino Gradkowski trade)
  • Round 5: Pick 157 (from Jets in Ryan Clady trade)
  • Round 6: Pick 219 (compensatory)
  • Round 7: Pick 228 (from 49ers in Vernon Davis trade)
  • Round 7: Pick 253

Note: compensatory picks cannot be traded

Day 2 Live Blog