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John Elway: More than one solution to a problem

The Broncos executive vice president/general manager told Peter King that of the four options they had at QB, they got the one they wanted.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

By now, fans have heard, read or seen John Elway's thoughts on Paxton Lynch. The Denver Broncos traded up from pick 31 with the Seattle Seahawks to select the University of Memphis quarterback at No. 26.

Clearly, Elway, coach Gary Kubiak and the Broncos think highly of Lynch.

But it's the quotes Peter King got from Elway in his MMQB story that are enlightening, to say the least.

From King:

Aside from (Laremy) Tunsil, the story of the night, to me, was the Broncos tabbing the heir to Peyton Manning. Mark Sanchez likely will start opening night for the defending Super Bowl champions, but he's likely keeping the seat warm for one season for the mobile Paxton Lynch. The story is not just that Denver traded up five spots in the round, from 31 to 26 with Seattle, to take Lynch. The story also is what a good job GM John Elway did in managing a minefield situation after the decline and retirement of Peyton Manning, with the mega-expectations that come with trying to repeat as champs.

What was great to see is the, wait for it, praise King actually gave to Elway and how he conducted this whole process. Perhaps his cohort at MMQB, Greg Bedard, should take notes. It was Bedard, after all, who said Elway's "hubris would cost the Broncos in their hunt for a quarterback."

King continued in his story:

What I like about Elway, and the way he runs his team, is he understands some bad things are going to happen. And he understands he's going to have to take the emotion out of the decision-making. Last spring, after Peyton Manning in his first three Denver seasons threw more touchdown passes than anyone in football, Elway told him he'd have to take a $4-million haircut. That couldn't have been easy. Elway the player would have fumed if he'd been asked to take a cut, and here he was, telling one of the all-time greats he was cutting his pay by 20 percent.

People have questioned Elway since early March. They said he was cheap. They said he's lost his grip and his over-confidence has finally caught up with him and the Broncos. They compared him to a used car salesman.

As he is apt to do, he has the last laugh.