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2016 NFL Draft: Day 3 Live Blog

The Denver Broncos have plenty of ammunition to move around today if they so choose. We're covering it live!

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

The 2016 NFL Draft through two days has gone exactly has John Elway and the Denver Broncos have hoped it would go. All three guys were players they had ranked highly on their big board. Day three is going to be all about value at positions of need.

In my opinion, the Broncos still need an inside linebacker, a defensive lineman, a few offensive linemen, a running back and either a wide receiver or tight end. With those needs in mind, Elway can focus solely on taking the best player available until most of those needs are filled.

Broncos 2016 Draft Picks
Rd Pk Player Pos Ht Wt College Scouting Report
1 26 Paxton Lynch QB 6'7 245 Memphis Scouting Report on Paxton Lynch
2 63 Adam Gotsis DT/DE 6'4" 287 Georgia Tech Scouting Report on Adam Gotsis
3 98 Justin Simmons S 6'2" 202 Boston College Scouting Report on Justin Simmons
4 136

5 144

5 157

6 219

7 228

7 253

Day 3 Live Blog