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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos playing the waiting game

The offseason is an exciting time for those Broncos fans who live to wait. Sure, making moves and doing stuff has its moments, but for a segment of the population, there's nothing better than kicking back and watching how things develop. I am not one of those people. Come on, Broncos! Let's get this Colin Kapernick thing done!

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

For what seemed like a soon-to-be done trade when free agency opened on March 9th, this Colin Kaepernick thing has gone on much longer than I thought it would. Thankfully, John Elway has no problem playing the waiting game and that's, along with many other reasons, why he's paid the big bucks.

Elway's desire to wait things out have only helped the Broncos. At one time the Browns were considered suitors for the San Francisco quarterback. With RGIII sentenced to play in Cleveland, the 49ers find themselves negotiating with themselves and Denver. Reports are that the deal to send Kaep to the Broncos is in place and just $4.9 million in salary is the sticking point. Something tells me Elway will likely have no problem waiting this obstacle out too.

I admit it, I openly said the Broncos should pull their offer Peyton Manning because he was taking too long to decide where he would play. Clearly my desire to get things done as soon as possible makes me childishly foolish. I own  that. What else do I own? An awesome Super Bowl 50 Champions shirt made possible, in part, by the quarterback I didn't have patience to wait for.

Chill out, Broncos Country. Put your trust in Elway and, who knows, we just might have to buy another nifty Super Bowl t-shirt this year, too.


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