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Colin Kaepernick trade is now mostly in Kap's hands

Will a deal finally be made this week?

The San Francisco 49ers are ready to make a deal and the Denver Broncos have made their offer to Colin Kaepernick. The decision is now Kaepernick's to make. Does he want to make more money playing for a team he hates or does he want to make less money playing for a new team that also happens to be the defending Super Bowl champions?

MMQB's Peter King seems to think he will ultimately decide to play for the Broncos. He also expects that decision to come this week.

The 49ers also start their OTAs on Monday and it has been reported that Kaepernick intends to report to their OTAs, which will put the 49ers on the hook for $400,000.

This doesn't mean a trade still won't happen as it could just be Kaepernick doing exactly what Jed York doesn't want him to do - report and collect that $400,000.

The x-factor this week will be John Elway. He doesn't have much salary cap wiggle room, but if the reports on the Broncos offer are true, then Elway left himself a little bit of room to up his offer to accelerate a deal.

Frankly, this trade drama has strung out long enough for this blogger and probably many of you in Broncos Country. It would be nice to begin putting some effort into breaking down how Kaepernick will fit into Gary Kubiak's system.

Hopefully we actually get to do that.