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Report: Quarterback Dak Prescott will visit the Denver Broncos on Tuesday

Could Dak Prescott be a Denver Bronco in a few weeks?

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Denver Posts Cameron Wolfe, the Denver Broncos will hold a pre-draft visit with former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott today.

This confirms an NFL Network's college football 24/7 report a few weeks back reporting that Prescott would visit with the Denver Broncos in April.

Next week, Prescott will return to Orlando to continue training with his private quarterback coach, Tom Shaw. The following week, he'll travel to Denver for a formal visit with the Denver Broncos, who are among the teams expected to have a draft interest in a quarterback.

The Broncos are expected to draft a quarterback after losing both Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler this offseason. Manning rode off into the sunset and retired a Super Bowl Champ, and Osweiler signed a big free-agent deal with the Houston Texans.

The Broncos have kicked the tires on trading for San Fransisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, but it is unknown at this time if that deal gets done. If it doesn't, the Broncos will look towards the draft for a quarterback, and Prescott appears to be high on their list.

Earlier this winter, Walter Football's Charlie Campbell reported that the Denver Broncos were "enamored" with Prescott, and would consider drafting him during the second day of the NFL Draft.

"The Broncos loved North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, but know that he won't be getting anywhere near Denver's pick. However, the team also is enamored with Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott. He is a good fit in Gary Kubiak's offense and sources say that Prescott is in play for the Broncos on the second-day of the draft."

If the Denver Broncos do not select a quarterback in the first-round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Dak Prescott could be the next best option for them. He even makes sense for them if they do indeed trade for Colin Kaepernick. Would give the Broncos a developmental prospect who would be given time to learn and eventually take over for Kaepernick.

Prescott could be a potential late second or third round pick in this year's draft. Would you rather the Broncos take a high upside player like Paxton Lynch in the first round of the draft, or go with a guy like Prescott in the second or third round?