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Report: Derek Wolfe throws haymaker in LoDo nightclub scuffle

The Broncos' defensive lineman also left the downtown Denver club bloodied after supposedly being hit with a glass bottle, TMZ reports. Police were not called to the club.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from TMZ, Derek Wolfe was involved in a bloody nightclub scuffle on Saturday night.

Witnesses told TMZ Wolfe got hit in the face with a glass bottle and that he left VIE Nightclub bloodied.

The TMZ video shows Wolfe in a black shirt with a chain around his neck.

The Denver Broncos defensive lineman is seen throwing a haymaker after being pushed forward by a mob of people in the crowded bar located in LoDo. It's unclear but it seems from the video that Wolfe's punch came before allegedly getting hit with the bottle.

At 6-foot-5, 290 pounds, Wolfe isn't a cat to mess around with as the video shows him dwarfing all those nearby when the fight starts. Witnesses told TMZ they saw a guy talking trash to Wolfe and his friends. When the pushing and shoving started, those much smaller than Wolfe unsuccessfully attempted to hold him back.

It's unclear if Wolfe connected with anyone on his punch, and TMZ reported that no police were called to the club.

Mike Klis of 9News reported that the NFL likely would investigate the incident.

In terms of the Broncos, Vice President of Public Relations Patrick Smyth told The Denver Post: "Derek talked to us on Monday about the issue, and it's been handled internally."

Denver Police also told The Post that the Wolfe incident wasn't reported and it won't have a case on Wolfe unless someone talks or presents evidence.


According to a report from The Post, the scuffle isn't likely to result in discipline from the NFL.

"We take a look at any such incident, but it doesn't appear on its face to be something that would lead to league discipline," the NFL told The Post.