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Horse Tracks: That Championship Shine

In the NFL, it is good to be the King. As an NFL player, its even better to go out on top. As an NFL fan, it feels really darned good to look at other teams crying about how 2015 should have been their year.

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Retirement Perspective

I feel pretty lucky today as an NFL fan. Checking out the news in preparation for our beloved Horse Tracks, I got to read about Tyler Polumbus announcing his retirement. It is so good to see a guy hang it up in style wearing the orange and blue.

I'd like to point out for the fans that Polumbus put in 147 regular season snaps for us. He earned that ring he gets to wear as he steps back from the NFL field. I know many of us knocked his play as he joined the team, but honestly in retrospect the dude helped our team become champions. As sloppy as our O-Line play looked last year, he had to fill in at times and did an honorable job of it.


Take a peek at the article down below talking about the lamentations of DeAngelo Williams. It was a treat to read as a championship fan in all honesty. The tears, they are delicious. Hey Williams, if wishes and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas (AMIRITE!?).

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