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Could Ryan Clady stay with the Broncos?

Nothing is out of the question with John Elway, and he and Gary Kubiak love competition.

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In other news ...

Broncos Country has wondered what John Elway will do with Ryan Clady. More specifically, when that move will come.

It's been seen as a forgone conclusion the Denver Broncos will release the veteran, oft-injured left tackle. When Elway signed both Donald Stephenson and Russell Okung, it wasn't hard to piece together that Clady was no longer in the picture.

With a salary cap hit of $10.1 million in 2016, that seals it. There was talk of a restructure but since early March that has ceased. So a release makes sense, given the Broncos have only $1.6 million in cap space and that was before Jared Crick signed a two-year, $4 million deal.

With the talk of Clady eventually getting released, one aspect has gone unmentioned the last month - that contract restructure. Unlike with DeMarcus Ware and his contract, there's no deadline with Clady. Well, aside from the start of organized team activities (OTAs) on April 18.

Who is to say Elway and Clady's agents don't come to an agreement on a restructure before then?

"I would expect them to. I'm expecting everybody to be there," Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said prior to the Boy Scouts of America Sports Breakfast on Thursday. He was specifically asked about Clady and Von Miller showing up. "I'm looking forward to getting started. I know there has been some talk about a couple of different things, but we'll see when it's time to go to work. I'm looking forward to seeing our guys again."

Elway and Kubiak love competition, and if they were to keep Clady that would make for some awesome offseason battles at both tackle positions. May the best men win in that situation.

What Denver decides to do with Clady will be really interesting. Like Elway, keep all options open when you think or talk about what could happen. With Elway, we just never know.

Broncos QBs & offseason moves

There's little doubt the Broncos will draft a quarterback in three weeks.

All that's left is where in the draft they get that quarterback. Of course, until the Colin Kaepernick situation gets resolved, everything is up in the air.

"We need to stay focused on the guys on our team right now," Kubiak said. "We're very excited about Mark (Sanchez) and we know those guys are up there throwing in California, so that's exciting. Trevor (Siemian) is a fine young player, so we're focused on those two and getting ready to go here in a couple weeks. Obviously, we've got some work to do. We've got to add to our group. We understand that. John (Elway) right now, (Director of Player Personnel) Matt (Russell), are working on the draft and getting ready for that. We've got about three weeks here. Just staying very focused on our football team and with what we have right now. Trying to add to it in about three weeks."

Speaking of Kaepernick, not only did Elway meet with him, so did Kubiak. It's an interesting wrinkle in a situation that won't go away until a move happens one way or the other.

"That (meeting) was good and very impressive," Kubiak said. "Like I said, really our focus is on our football team right now."

If a deal for Kaepernick falls through, there's been speculation Denver would then sign another veteran. But with most of them similar to Sanchez in ability, does that really make sense? Would it really add that much in terms of competition?

"I feel good about the two guys that we have," Kubiak said. "We'll see what happens. Generally you continue to move forward and try to get better. I'm going to stay focused on Mark and Trevor right now, and doing everything I can to get ready for this draft right now."

Aside from Sanchez as the starter, one possibility thrown about remains Siemian. With how he impressed last preseason, the expectation is that he takes the next step or two this season. He'll get every chance to earn the starting job, and you know Denver really likes him.

"If a guy makes a big jump, he usually makes it from Year 1-2," Kubiak said. "Trevor will know what he's doing when he walks in here in April. It will be up to him. We'll see, but I think our football team has a lot of confidence in him. l know I do. I know he's got the talent to do it. We'll see what happens."

In terms of the quarterbacks Denver could be interested in at the draft, Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch seems to be the consensus amongst the fans and "experts." But for that to happen, Elway and the Broncos would have to move up in the first round, to at least pick No. 15 that sits with the Los Angeles Rams.

There is always going to be change. There is always going to be things that happen from year to year. But the most important thing is that our standards stay the same.Gary Kubiak

"I think it's a good group of guys," Kubiak said. "How they get sorted out, you never know. You hear different things every day. You watch different workouts every day. I guess (University of Memphis QB) Paxton (Lynch) worked out (Wednesday). It's a good group. We'll do our work on all of them. Hopefully when we want to come out of the draft, we'll be a better football team at a lot of positions, not just quarterback."

One thing is certain: Kubiak remains confident in the team he has.

Yes, players have left, but he knows the foundation is still in place and he has a really good team that, oh by the way, just won the Super Bowl.

When these other moves come to fruition, whatever they are, the Broncos should expect to be even better.

"We've had some guys leave, but we have a lot of good players on our football team and we're trying to put this group together," Kubiak said. "There is always going to be change. There is always going to be things that happen from year to year. But the most important thing is that our standards stay the same. You've got to be patient, too. You can't make poor decisions. You make poor decisions that can hurt you in the long haul. We've got a great guy running our program there. Mr. Elway does a great job. Our front office does an excellent job. We'll keep our patience here, keep working and stay focused on the team that we do have."