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Broncos 2016 schedule: NFL announces Denver's preseason schedule

The Denver Broncos 2016 preseason schedule has been officially announced by the NFL.

The NFL announced its preseason football schedule on Thursday and the Denver Broncos now know who they will face off in these exhibition games.

The Broncos will open up facing former head coach John Fox on the road, then potentially bringing Colin Kaepernick to his former team if John Elway ultimately does pull off a trade for the disgruntled quarterback. From there, they close out with most of the other NFC West teams.

Game 1: August 11-15 @ Chicago Bears
9th all-time preseason game vs. Bears; Broncos lead series 5-3

Game 2: August 18-22 vs. San Francisco 49ers
38th all-time preseason game vs. 49ers; Broncos lead series 21-16

Game 3: August 25-28 vs Los Angeles Rams
11th all-time preseason game vs. 49ers; Broncos lead series 8-2

Game 4: September 1 at Arizona Cardinals
25th all-time preseason game vs. Cardinals; Broncos lead series 16-8

None of the dates for the four games have been officially set, but we should expect those when the NFL releases the Broncos full preseason and regular season schedule in a few weeks.

Speaking of that regular season schedule, we do know who the Broncos will face at home and on the road.

Broncos 2016 Opponents
Home Away
NE New England Patriots CIN @ Cincinnati Bengals
BAL Houston Texans PIT @ Jacksonville Jaguars
IND Indianapolis Colts TEN @ Tennessee Titans
ATL Atlanta Falcons NO @ New Orleans Saints
CAR Carolina Panthers TAM @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
OAK Oakland Raiders OAK @ Oakland Raiders
SD San Diego Chargers @ San Diego Chargers
KC Kansas City Chiefs KC @ Kansas City Chiefs