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Could the Denver Broncos trade Ryan Clady to the New York Jets?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Florio from ProFootballTalk suggested that the New York Jets should start planning to try to trade for a Denver Broncos tackle. John Elway would likely be open to trading Ryan Clady, however, Florio suggested the Jets may pursue Russell Okung instead.

Sure, that would be great for the Jets. The Broncos won't even consider it and why should they? Okung is an upgrade and comes much cheaper.

No, if the Jets want a tackle to replace the void left from the retirement of D'Brickashaw Ferguson they will have to pursue Clady or find another trading partner. Without a significant restructure, it is hard to see how Clady would fit into Elway's long-term plans and a trade would be beneficial in two ways; frees up cap space and nets some value for a quality left tackle.

What kind of value do you think Clady would be worth to another team in a trade?