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What are your top three Broncos games in history?

The NFL announced it will post on YouTube three of the most memorable games for each team in their entirety. So we thought we'd try to help the NFL choose those three. Turns's a really, really hard choice.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NFL announced some pretty awesome things regarding its YouTube channel after the NFL renewed its very young partnership with the global video sharing site.

For one, the NFL says it will add game highlights to YouTube while games are still in progress and that more information will be available using Google Search, including official NFL video, related news and analysis, as well as kickoff time and broadcast information for every game.

But the coolest thing coming down the pike is that the NFL is going to post three of the most memorable games from each team's history online in their entirety.

So that got us thinking - what THREE games would be the most memorable in the Broncos' very storied history?

Much like choosing your top five Broncos of all time, picking the BEST THREE games in the last 46 years is nearly impossible.

But we like impossible, so we tried it anyway. There were a few ground rules, though:

  • No Super Bowls. Those are just too obvious, AND there are three of them (thank you, Carolina Panthers!) So to make the exercise more challenging, we took those out of the equation figuring that, of course, they'd be the most memorable - duh. (But also, we think it's unlikely the NFL will post Super Bowl games in full for free!)
  • At least one choice had to be a regular season game. Between The Drive I, The Fumble, The Drive II, Tebow/DT in OT against the Steelers...the list would get filled way too quickly once again. So we made everyone dig deep at least once (except Scotty, but you'll see why he got a pass).
  • Finally, no overlapping choices, so once a game was chosen, it was off-limits to anyone else.

Enjoy remembering some of the greatest games ever produced in the NFL and let us know in the comments your own best three.

Going 'Old School' - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

1. 1977-78 AFC title game - Denver 20, Oakland 17

2. "The Drive" (1987)  - Denver 23, Cleveland 20

3. John Elway's first comeback win (1983) - Denver 21, Baltimore 19

#FYTB - Scotty Payne

1. 2016 AFC Championship vs. Patriots - Denver 20, New England 18

2. 2014 AFC Championship vs. Patriots - Denver 26, New England 16

3. Champ Bailey nearly takes one to the house on 100-yard return in 2005 divisional playoff - Denver 27, New England 13

Iconic QBs (and Tebow) win big - Tim Lynch

1. The Drive II (1991) - Denver 26, Houston 24

2. Derrick Thomas has a meltdown on MNF - Denver 35, Kansas City 31

3. Peyton Manning's MNF comeback agains the Chargers - Denver 35, San Diego 24

Honorable Mention: Tim Tebow's pass to DT in overtime against the Steelers in the playoffs or his rushing touchdown on 3rd and 4 to beat the Jets.

Greatest Hits 70s, 80s, 90s - Ian St. Clair

1. 1977 AFC divisional game - Denver 34, Pittsburgh 21

2. The Fumble (1988) - Denver 38, Cleveland 33.

3. TD gets 2,000 yards vs. Seattle - Denver 28, Seattle 21.

Close calls and domination - Joe Mahoney

1. 2015 demolition of Aaron Rodgers - Denver 29, Green Bay 10

2. 1997 AFCCG vs Pittsburgh Steelers - Denver 24, Pittsburgh 21

3. 1998 divisional game against Miami Dolphins - Denver 38, Miami 3

Record-setting performances - Jeffrey Essary

1. Tim Tebow and DT beat Steelers in playoffs - Denver 29, Pittsburgh 23 (OT)

2. 7 TD opening night against Ravens in 2013 - Denver 49, Baltimore 27

3. Peyton Manning breaks the single season TD record - Denver 37, Houston 13

Destroying AFC foes - Adam Malnati

1. 1997 divisional game in Kansas City - Denver 14, Kansas City 10

2. Demolition of Jacksonville in 1997 - Denver 42, Jacksonville 17

3. Week 2 win against Chiefs on the Bradley Roby fumble recovery for a TD - Denver 31, Kansas City 24