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Horse Tracks: Denver Broncos draftermath edition

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With the Denver Broncos' announcement of undrafted free agent signings sure to come sometime Monday, the bacchanal that was the 2016 NFL Draft is all but in the books.

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Welcome to draft grade season! Now is the time when the punditocracy gets to assess each team's new talent with little repercussion. Heck, even the brain-trust over the years here at MHR has escaped scrutiny when it comes to pontificating about the Denver Broncos draft selections.

That said, I'm doing what I wish many who do this for a living would do. I went into the dark and dusty Mile High Report archives and am bringing you the best quotes from our near-decade of Denver Broncos draft coverage. Time to shine a light on some of these things and let them breathe. Some are eerily spot on and others are hilariously off.

I didn't include any quotes from the last three years because, for some (many?) of the picks the jury is still out.

Draft Class MHR Contributor Commentary
2013 Kyle Montgomery Speaking of pass rushers, my favorite Denver Broncos draft pick in 2013 has to be defensive end Quanterus Smith out of Western Kentucky.
2012 Bronco PH I realized at the Osweiler selection the Broncos weren't exactly drafting Best Player Available (BPA) or even necessarily BPA at a position of need.
2011 Sayre Bedinger In all seriousness, when the Broncos picked Von Miller, they picked easily the best linebacker in the draft, and pound for pound arguably the best athlete in the draft.
2010 T.J. Johnson Josh McDaniels did not trade up for Tim Tebow in the 1st round so that he could throw him into the game for only 4 or 5 gimmick plays. He didn't draft him to become an H-back in the Wild Horses set. And he didn't draft him--contrary to reports--because Tebow is the squeakiest and cleanest poster child the NFL has ever seen. While Tebow might have lips like sugar, he is here because Josh McDaniels intends to make him a starting quarterback at some point in the near future.
2009 Ted Bartlett It's a near certainty that Alphonso Smith will be the nickelback right away, because he has special talent.
2008 John Bena The Broncos most important asset is Jay Cutler. Cutler needs protected and Clady should give Cutler that protection for the next decade. For that, I can't help but be satisfied.
2007 John Bena Jarvis Moss, [Marcus] Thomas' teammate with the Gators called Thomas the most talented player on the team last year. He also went on to say he cried when the Broncos chose Thomas because he knows the type of man Thomas is. This pick will either blow up in Shanny's face or be the type of pick that reminds us why Shanny is called the Mastermind.

Horse Tracks

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