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How the Denver Broncos won the 2016 NFL Draft

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The Denver Broncos not only got a quarterback, but they got their defensive house in order. What's that? Yes, the defending Super Bowl champions just got better.

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Consensus on here is a rare thing, and while not all staff members loved every pick in the 2016 NFL Draft (looking at you, Pete!), all believe this is one of the best drafts John Elway has had in his relatively short career as Broncos general manager.

Giving out "grades" on players is definitely premature, but grading the pick as it relates to scheme fit, athletic ability and NFL potential success is totally worth talking about.

And when your team just killed it in Chicago, it's a pretty great conversation to keep having, which is why the MHR staff chimed in with their grades on each player - plus a few more debatable thoughts.

So ignore NFL NetworkESPN and Pro Football Focus - who apparently couldn't recognize an "A" draft if it hit them like a bong video on Twitter - and enjoy these grades from our own (but kudos to the Washington Post for recognizing the excellence that is Elway).

Obviously the real "grade" will come in the next few years when we can see just how well these players pan out for the team, but at this point there is a lot of upside in these potential All-Pros.

Staff Member Paxton Lynch Adam Gotsis Justin Simmons Devontae Booker Connor McGovern Andy Janovich Will Parks Riley Dixon Overall grade Favorite pick Immediate impact
Laurie A B+ A A B A B B A- Gotsis and Simmons

Devontae Booker (if healthy)

Joe B+ C A
Sadaraine A+ C A+ A+ B A+ B B A- Paxton Lynch Justin Simmons - He'll see action in sub packages
Pete C A A+ A+ C+ A++ B- C+ B+ Adam Gotsis Andy Janovich
Chris A D A B+ B+ A A B B+ Justin Simmons Justin Simmons
Adam A- B- A+ B B A- B- C B+ Justin Simmons Justin Simmons
Ian St. A+ B+ A+ A+ B A+ B B A Devontae Booker Booker/Simmons/Janovich
Jeff A B- A+ A+ B A B A A Devontae Booker Janovich/Simmons
Tim A- D A+ A+ B- B+ C+ C B Paxton Lynch Devontae Booker
Scotty A+++++++ B+ A+ A++ A B+ A B+ A- Paxton Lynch Devontae Booker

Favorite Undrafted Free Agent?

While Bralon Addison got a vote from Chris, Tim picked Shaneil Jenkins and Henry Kriger-Coble was Nastyj's favorite, by far the favorite College Free Agent signing from the staff was Lars Hanson.

Big, strong, Bronco fan! - Adam Malnati

I have no idea if this kid can make it, but he grew up a Broncos fan with Eddie Mac as his favorite player, so Elway better put him on the team to make up for letting Max go to the Raiders. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Any guy who shares a name with the Metallica drummer has to kick ass, right? Plus, the cat is 6-foot-8. - Ian St. Clair

Final thoughts on Broncos Draft 2016

Elway nailed it. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

I feel like this is Elway's best draft to date. We not only addressed needs, but did so with solid value along the way. - Sadaraine

Janovich will be the biggest impact player year 1 in this draft. A fullback in a Kubiak offense is money. My favorite pick is either Gotsis or Simmons. Gotsis would be a slam dunk if not injured. - Pete Baron

This is Elway's best draft to date. We not only addressed needs but did so with solid value along the way. -Sadaraine

Every selection in this draft filled a void on the Broncos roster. Outside of the questionable value on the Adam Gotsis selection, I feel John Elway and his staff did a very good job. - Christopher Hart

Always trust in Elway. It is hard to argue with his overall success. Elway seemed to get everything he wanted, and they should all be great fits in the offense and defense. - Adam Malnati

Stay true to your board, and Elway and his staff did that. In three years, let's revist the list but this draft was a smashing success. One of the better, if not the best, draft's Elway's had. - Ian St. Clair

System fit QB, zone RB, run blocking G, FB. Kubiak is finally getting his offense. - Nastyj

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of The Afternoon Drive chatted with Michael Pritchard who talked about what he liked from the Broncos draft. Frankly, there isn't much not to like. Even the punter late in the seventh round was a solid choice.

What I see here is a solid overall draft. There could be five eventual starters drafted from this class and maybe two more solid rotational players. I am cautiously optimistic! - Tim Lynch