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Mark Sanchez expects to practice this week despite recent thumb surgery

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Warning: Brandon Perna is known to use foul language, so cover your kids ears.

Brandon Perna from That's Good Sports talks a little Mark Sanchez injury, some Tim Tebow book ideas and also talks about former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis and his new tech startup.

Despite having surgery on the thumb of his non-throwing hand, Sanchez expects to practice this week anyway. He has to know that the Denver Broncos are going to try to get Paxton Lynch ready as quickly as possible, so the further ahead he can stay of the young rookie the more playing time Sanchez will likely get this season.

The feel good story of the week isn't even Broncos related, but comes from Patrick Willis and his new startup called Open Source Storage. Working in the tech industry myself, Willis definitely picked a startup around a service that is in high demand and growing. Here's to wishing him plenty of success!