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Broncos 2016 OTAs: Gary Kubiak wants to go get everything that this team has

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With the first day of Phase 3 of OTAs in the books, Gary Kubiak talks offense mostly in his post-practice presser.

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The first day of Phase 3 of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) for the Denver Broncos was quite eventful as the offense got a majority of attention from outsiders. The defense mostly did its thing and will clearly be back to form from where they left off last year barring any major injuries. It's the offense that much improve, so that is where the focal point was with Gary Kubiak on Tuesday.

Kubiak on Quarterbacks

Kubiak fielded quarterback questions early and often and though it looks like Paxton Lynch is progressing well early on, he is still behind both Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian on the depth chart.

"We have competition throughout our football team, so obviously everybody is starting from scratch right there with Mark and Trevor," Kubiak said of the competition at the quarterback position. "Trevor did a great job today. I’m very impressed with how far he’s come. It will be very competitive for all of them. Reps-wise, we’ll probably be right down the middle with all of them."

Sanchez recently had surgery on his non-throwing hand, but was there on Tuesday getting his reps in. There was initially some doubt he would be ready to practice, but that doubt is gone.

"We knew he would [practice]," Kubiak said of Sanchez. "They told us 10 days to two weeks before he could take a snap. We knew he was going to do something, and actually did more than we thought. It’s important to Mark. You can see it every day. Hopefully we get a good week out of him this with just some 7-on-7 and those types of things. Next week, hopefully he is full go."

Kubiak spent some time really talking up Siemian. Whether that is to keep the clamor of excitement over Lynch tempered or if Siemian really is poised to make a huge jump this season is anyone's guess this early into the offseason program.

"Not many guys are asking about him, but I’m really excited about Trevor," Kubiak said of Siemian's progress. "He’s got a chance to be a really good player. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He basically took the first group today. With what you guys got to see, he’s practiced very well. I think Trevor has a lot of confidence in himself right now."

As for Lynch, it seems like the Broncos are already doing everything they can to keep him away from public pressure. Denver is a quarterback town with a quarterback mania, so that is probably the best thing they can do for the young rookie. Mostly because Lynch does need time to develop.

"That’s coming," Kubiak said of Lynch's footwork. "That’s going to take some time because that is different for him. Footwork, you want it to be where you don’t think about it. He’s having to think about it right now because he hasn’t done it. But boy, he’s made a lot of ground up since we got him. The thing I really like about Paxton is he loves football. He has fun playing. He did the same thing on the field today that John and I watched him do in college. He makes a play down the field, he took off chasing. We’ve got to make sure he stays out of harm’s way when he does that, but he likes to play."

Kubiak on Offensive Line

With two new offensive tackles on the roster, the offensive line is clearly in flux. Russell Okung and Donald Stephenson figure to play a role in solidifying that flux. Last year's second round draft pick Ty Sambrailo will also be competing for a role.

"Ty is going to do everything except team for this first week, but he’s pretty close," Kubka said. "He’s about ready to go. I’ve kind of changed practice a little bit. We’re doing a lot of walkthroughs early in practice. We’re doing that for some of the injured players, so Russell will take all of those reps. [Devontae] Booker will take all of those reps. [Adam] Gotsis will take [them]. We’re doing some things to make sure we have everybody involved and then we go practice. Yes, Russell is making some ground up."

It's not just the tackle position in flux, the guard position also has plenty of questions.

"I think if we lined up today with our perfect five with the way we think—you know how that goes—Ty would go inside," Kubiak said of Sambrailo's position. "But we are unhealthy at some spots, so we’ll probably work him at both once we turn him loose to go with the team. Russell will probably not participate at all other than individual through OTAs."

Sambrailo looks like the favorite to move inside, so that means Max Garcia or Sam Brenner could see time opposite of Sambrailo, with Matt Paradis locking down the center position.

"Brenner will work in there, obviously," Kubiak said of potential guard candidates. "He’s definitely working in there. We just have a lot of good competition going. I think we have three or four guys that can play center or guard, so that’s something we battled with last year. Remember, we suited up eight guys the majority of the year. We’d like to get away from that."

Kubiak on Tight Ends

Each of the last two offseasons, the Broncos have had to adjust to major changes at the tight end position. Virgil Green is the mainstay and maybe this is the year he finally gets a chance to be the pass catching tight end he has shown glimpses of over the years.

"We’ve got to get Virgil’s hand well first," Kubiak said of Green's hand injury. "He’s going to miss probably a good portion of OTAs with his finger surgery. I think it’s just opportunity, really. Obviously there are going to be a lot more out there. We’ll see. Virgil is a worker and he’s got a lot of confidence in what he’s doing. He knows what we’re doing now. I think he’ll be very competitive to be on the field a great deal."

Jeff Heuerman is another guy that has potential, but this will essentially be his rookie seasons and it is doubtful he will be ready for a significant role in the offense this year. He's making progress, though.

"Jeff looks good. Jeff is a young player," Kubiak said of Heuerman. "I think his work has been really good, but it’s all been workouts and weight room. Now it’s time for the football stuff. This will be a big month for Jeff. He’s a good kid. He works hard at what he’s doing. He’s got a lot of talent. Let’s see. In a lot of ways, he’s a first-year player. Don’t want to put too much pressure on him. I think he’ll do that himself because he’s very competitive. Take it one day at a time."

Kubiak on the Defense

Few outside of Denver expect the defense to repeat what it did in 2015, but I think we all know better. There will be no Super Bowl hangover for this unit.

"No, it was really good. Good energy," Kubiak said of the potential for a Super Bowl hangover. "Obviously the leadership of our team has changed a little bit without 18 around here. There is going to be some of that going on. It’s going to be fun as a coach to watch that take place. Our work habits are really good. Our offseason has been tremendous. Luke [Richesson] has done a great job with them. Our attendance has been 99 percent. We’ll get Von [Miller] here at some point. It’s been really good and it showed today. They worked really well."

That edge on defense is something that even a Super Bowl championship couldn't dull. We can largely thank the national media downgrading the Broncos chances in 2016 so significantly that it has become insulting to the players.

"I think our team in general is motivated," Kubiak said of the edge on defense. "In the offseason in this league, there are so many things that get evaluated. The draft, free agency, so there is a lot of talk that goes on. One of the things our guys have done a great job of is just staying focused on their work. We want to get to the Fall and be the best team we can be and get the most we can out of our team. Last year—I said this over and over again—we gave everything our team had last year. Now we need to go get everything that this football team has. I think our guys are motivated to do that. Like I said, it’s been good to this point. We need to have a good month here coming up."

DeMarcus Ware didn't practice due to a nagging back issue, so now is the time to get that healed up.

"His back is bothering him a little bit, but I would tell you it’s probably more preventative than anything," Kubiak said of Ware's back. "He’s going to be a day-to-day participant. I’m going to have about 10 guys that are going to go every other day. We’ll probably make decisions on DeMarcus day to day on how he’s feeling."

The last interesting bit from Kubiak's lengthy presser on Tuesday was Inside Linebacker Brandon Marshall's contract situation. Kubiak totally dodged the question, but its good to see local reporters are curious to learn what John Elway's plans for Marshall long-term are.

"You’ve got the wrong guy [for] contracts," Kubiak said of Marshall's contract situation. "Obviously, we think the world of Brandon. He and John [Elway], I know they’ve been working on that. What a player. What a leader. He’s participating in everything we’re doing except when we get to competing a little bit."