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Broncos OTAs: Quarterback Paxton Lynch is off to a "good start"

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Hopefully the first of many good practices for Lynch.


The 2016 Denver Broncos took the field on Tuesday to participate in their first OTA practice of the spring. This meant coaches and teammates would get their first look at first-round quarterback Paxton Lynch in drills. Yes things were vanilla, and they were wearing shorts, but he had a good first practice.

When Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak was asked about how Lynch's first practice was he said he had a "good start today", but made sure to say he still has a long way to go. Kubiak also mentioned that Lynch will continue to get a lot reps this spring/summer because he tends to give the younger players more reps in the offseason.

"We’re repping them all right down the middle. He’s going to get a ton because I’m going to work our young guys probably more than I’m going to work the rest of the team when it’s all said and done. There are going to be plenty of reps to go around. Obviously a very talented young man. A long ways to go, but very attentive, pays attention and works hard. A good start today."

The highlight of Lynch's day was a 50-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver, Jordan Taylor on a go route down the left sideline. According to Andrew Mason, the deep strike to Taylor was perfect. Lynch led him to the correct spot and then fired a strike and hit Taylor in stride. These flashes of greatness were evident in Lynch's game film from Memphis, and it's continuing so far with the Broncos.

Lynch also helped move the offense into field goal range against the Broncos defense in a move-the-ball period in practice.

This performance earned him some compliments from the Broncos "No Fly Zone". Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said that he thought Lynch did a great job on Tuesday.

"I thought he looked good. I think he still has some things to process a little bit faster. We’re very vanilla—everything is very vanilla. Everything will turn up as OTAs go on. I think for the first day coming out against us, I think he did a great job."

One thing that remains a work in progress is his footwork. Coach Kubiak said that it's basically a work in progress right now, but Lynch is continuing to improve in that area every day.

"That’s coming. That’s going to take some time because that is different for him. Footwork, you want it to be where you don’t think about it. He’s having to think about it right now because he hasn’t done it. But boy, he’s made a lot of ground up since we got him."

The more reps Lynch gets the more he will improve his footwork this offseason. With Kubiak saying that he will give the younger players more reps, Lynch figures to work on and continue to improve on this a lot this offseason.

Lynch told reporters that he already is more confident in his footwork than he was when he first took the field with the Broncos a few weeks back.

"Like I said earlier, I felt a lot more confident than I did the first time we came out here. That’s just because of more reps and we kind of looped around the playbook and we’re kind of going over some stuff that we already went over. This is my second time seeing it. Now I can think a little faster and go out there and kind of play now."

It was a good first practice for Lynch and hopefully, he continues having these good practices and continues to improve as a player this spring and summer. With the starting quarterback job up for grabs, Lynch has a golden opportunity to win this job and be the week one starter for the Broncos.